Barny Boatman Recalls His Experience on the Poker Million

The Poker Million was an event which was broadcast for the first time on TV and showed the hole cards with no delay. People who watched it on TV had an opportunity to witness history in a memorable live-table. The 300 million lucky viewers from all around the world could watch top-class poker on the BBC. The US television channels showed a rerun the day after the finals.

The idea behind this tournament was simple but pretty radical at that time – the winner would get a prize of one million dollars. Barny Boatman was one of the people who saw everything that happened in that final table because he was a part of that historical moment.

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Boatman recalled the first Poker Million ever. First of all, he stated that he had been a part of several final tables that featured a million as the main prize. The two of those were final tables in Poker Million tournaments. The first was the one in 2000 – which is the one that we are going to talk about. The second is the last Poker Million final. In other words, Boatman is a perfect person to talk about this legendary tournament.

The last Poker Million that was held was back in 2010 and was won by Gus Hansen. It’s interesting to state that other players in the final table did not win any big sums, and this was the case with both the 2000 and 2010 tournaments.

Boatman recalled how the original prize for the first player in 2000 tournament had been one million, and the prize for the second placed player was only £100,000. Boatman came sixth, and he earned only £14,000. This amount of money was less than he had to pay to take a shot in Poker Million event.

Furthermore, Boatman recalled that the organizers had guaranteed a million as the main prize regardless of the number of people who applied for the tournament. This probably resulted in other players not being paid that well. The winner of the 2000 Poker Million was John Duthie, who is currently the President of partypoker LIVE. He was a close acquaintance of Boatman, but so was everybody else who participated in that final table.

He recalled that John Duthie had played with extraordinary aggression and had amazing timing. He added that Duthie had done some things that the players were not supposed to do and had not been thinking like a poker player, but more like a TV person who wanted to make everything more dramatic.

Another person that was a part of the Poker Million final table was Tony Bloom, who now owns Brighton and Hove Albion, a Premier League club. In fact, Boatman remembers Bloom pretty well as the rivalry between the two players is marked down as one of the biggest in the Poker Million

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