Why aren’t there any iPad Casinos in the Apple Store?

Until recently, the Apple iStore didn’t allow any actual real money gambling apps. These restrictions have loosened up in some geographical areas, however, it can still be pretty tricky to find an app in the iStore that allows you to play your favorite casino games from your iPhone. Even if you do find such an App, you’ll need to know how to get a real money account set up on it. For that information, keep right on reading, we’re about to hook you casino game players up with apps, instructions, and even free money.

Doesn’t allow any gambling apps that give the user an opportunity to gamble for real money in the Apple iStore, at least not in most localities, so that’s problem number one. Problem number two is that the original iPads weren’t compatible with Flash programs.

Many no-download type online casinos developed using Macromedia Flash, so they don’t work with the original iPad, so that means that iPad users can’t even use the machines web browser to access the majority of online casinos.

For the most part, casinos that are compatible with iPad’s were made in Java, until recently.

Quick List of iPad Compatible Online Casinos

  • mBit Casino
  • William Hill Mobile Casino
  • Ladbrokes iPad Casino
  • Slotland Casino iPad Casino
  • Casino Tropez

Safari Compatible iPad Casinos

As long as the no-download version of a casino doesn’t use the Flash programming language to operate, iPad users should have no trouble at all playing at that casino from their iPad. Sites like Betway for instance have no-download casino version that can be played from within the casino browser.

Safari Casinos

  • Betway Casino

Flash Casinos on iPad Using iSwifter

Within recent months, a new web browser for iPad was launched in the Apple iStore. The iSwifter Flash Web Browser makes it possible for iPad users to access Flash based content on using the iPad. With iSwifter, which is available for free at the iStore, iPad users can view videos, see Flash websites, and play interactive Flash applications like those social games we all either love, or hate, like Farmville, on Facebook.

Additionally, iPad users can now access flash based MMORPG games, as well as, you guessed it, real money casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and even huge progressive jackpot slot games. In case you weren’t sure, these games are also now available on iPhone, and even iPod, we’ve covered all of that in other sections of the website as well.

Set up your Online Casino Accounts on Your PC First

The best way to set up an online casino account for your iPad is to set it up using a regular PC instead of using your mobile. This will save you a headache in the end I promise.

First you’ll choose an iPad compatible casino and then you’ll set up your account. After you’ve done that, you’ll probably need to verify your email address. Once you’ve verified your email address by clicking the link that is sent to you from the casino, you can head to the casinos cashier and fund your online casino account.

Games Available Via iPad

For the most part, if you’ve got an iPad, the world’s your oyster. Check out our reviews for specifics, however in the meantime, the following types of casino games are available to iPad users:

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Progressive Slot Machines
  • Bonus Slot Machines
  • 5-Reel Slots
  • 3 Reel Slots
  • Keno
  • Baccarat

United States iPad Casino Sites

The hardest part for United States Casino players outside of actually finding a casino that is still operating in the United States Market, is finding a payment method that can be used to both fund the online casino account as well as to withdraw any future winnings from the casino. This is largely because of the UIGEA which changes the way that banks can do business with online casinos in the United States.

The UIGEA doesn’t make gambling online illegal; however, some states like Washington (Not Washington DC but Washington State) have passed laws against that do specifically effect the legality of online casinos. Washington State it’s interesting to note offers scratch card gambling to raise funds in the form of a state lottery, and is host to several tribal casinos.

Best Online Casino for iPad Ssers in the US

Slotland is the #1 iPad casino site for USA casino players. According to employee’s at Slotland, the site does not actively turn anyone from any country away. What that boils down to is that Slotland accepts US players.

The employee’s we spoke to when writing this review did say that some USA residents have reportedly had troubles finding compatible payment methods, likely as a direct result of the UIGEA.

Slotland Casino was founded in 1998 and is one of the most experienced and long-standing casinos on the web. Additionally, Slotland is one of the first casinos that offered no-download online casino slot machines.

What does all of that experience mean to you as a casino game player? It means that Slotland knows mobile. They aren’t stuck in side of a desktop computer. In fact, Slotland games are accessible to Mac users, iPhone users, iPad users, Android mobile phone users, Linux Computer users, and get this… you can play Slotland’s real money casino games from the web browser that comes with your Wii or Ps3.

Check out our Slotland Casino review for specifics on setting up a Slotland Casino account.

No Deposit Bonuses for iPad Users

The marketing teams at the following iPad compatible casinos are currently offering no-deposit bonuses to players signing up for brand new accounts at the casinos. All you have to do to claim the free cash is sign up for a new account, and spend it at the casino. There are wagering requirements involved if you should ‘hit the big one’. Don’t expect to just win a ton of money and run away with it without gambling at all. On average, online casinos require players to wager any bonus money between 10-30 times before cashing it out. In fact, any cash-outs during a time when the customer still has bonus money in his/her account usually results in forfeiture of the bonus money.

Is it Safe to Play Real Money Casino Games on an iPad?

Just like you would when processing any financial transaction online, you should take extra care when processing transactions online. That being said, only the utmost respected iPad friendly casino sites are listed on this page. There is a long list of qualifications that mobile casinos must meet for consideration on this website, including but not limited to being a legally operating, licensed casino with a longstanding reputation in the online gambling industry.

Most of the sites that you’ll find listed here are also publicly traded. That means that these sites have not only their local Governments to answer to when it comes to the integrity of their games and the safety of your funds, but their shareholders as well.

What Can you Do to Ensure a Safe Mobile Gaming Experience?

Don’t download, or login to casino software from unknown sources.

Have you ever seen those spammy messages that get posted on Facebook by your friends? Or maybe it’s even happened to you. All of a sudden you feel as though you’ve been ‘hacked’. In most cases one of two things has happened.

  1. The Facebook user has inadvertently given posting permissions to a spamming unknown company.
  2. The Facebook user entered his/her password on a site other than Facebook.

Often times this happens when the user receives a phishing email, and clicks a link from within the email to get to a website. The link takes them to a place that looks like the site they’re trying to get to, but isn’t. They login, and bam, this fraudulent site has your login details.

The solution: Don’t click links in emails, type the URL into the browser yourself.

Sign out of Your Casino Account When You’re Not Using It

Have you ever lost a smart phone? If you do, and you don’t sign out of the accounts that are on it, imagine what you’ve lost. The same goes for your iPad. The average person is signed into at the very least, their email and their Facebook account.

Others might be logged into Skype or another online messaging service. Imagine the horror in all of that, and then imagine that you’re signed into your online casino account, that is fully loaded with your real money online casino bankroll. Okay, enough of that, let’s sign out.