Many of the most popular third party money transfer companies who serviced the US with casino account funding options have removed themselves from the US market due to recent legislation. This move has made funding casino accounts quite difficult for those who reside in the US. However, as an alternative to these third party services, many casinos offer a wire transfer option for players who wish to make deposits to their casino account in that way.

Wire Transfer Security: As your personal and account information is only exchanged between you and the banks within the transaction, using wire transfers for casino deposits is one of the safest options available for players.

Funding Source: All funds are deducted from your personal bank accounts when depositing money to a casino in this fashion.

Transfer Limits: Each casino has its own regulations on the amount you may transfer into an account using a wire transfer service.

Fees & Charges: Most online casinos do not charge a fee for wire transfers, however the banks involved may have varying fees. Contact the bank for information on their policies and charges.

Turnaround Time: Generally 3 to 5 business days, but can vary by bank location and casino policies.

Necessary Information: When requesting a wire transfer through your bank, you will need to have a range of different information available. Each online casino website that accepts wire transfers will provide you with the information you will need to add funds to your gambling account with their site. If additional information is required, contact your bank or the casino’s support team for assistance.

  • Your Personal Information – including name, address, and account number, you will also need to note your casino account number for proper credit
  • The Recipient’s Information – Includes name and address
  • Recipient’s Banking Information – Bank name, address, and account number
  • ABAN/IBAN number – Provided by the receiving bank
  • SWIFT code – Receiving bank, usually required for international transfers
  • Intermediary Bank Information – Used for international transfers, provided by receiving bank.

If you have difficulty finding the receiving bank information, contact the casino or their personal bank, which should be provided on the website’s page that references wire transfers.

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