tutorial guideHere at 4Flush.com we take pride in giving our readers as much information as we can when it comes to reviews, gambling news and other important iGaming updates.  This particular section is dedicated to casino games strategy, which also includes brief backgrounds of the most popular table games and quick “how to play” guides for each.

The games listed below are the most popular games you can currently play at any online or live casino.  While table games like Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and War aren’t on our list just yet, the more “enduring” games are definitely a part of this strategy page.  Each section has a small description of the game, along with a corresponding link to a more in-depth strategy page or resource that’s posted.  Enjoy!

Recently added casino games (02/15/2016) – Video Poker

Scratchers Guide also added (12/13/2016) – Online Scratch Cards


How to Play Blackjack << simple guide to betting the easiest casino game worldwide.

Blackjack when played in its simplest form is a game based on the number 21, and who (generally the dealer or the player) can get closest to the number 21 without going over. There are dozens of variations of the game, and even side bets that can make the game more interesting, and affect the game’s profitability.

As seen in the movie “21” that starred Kevin Spacey, Micky Rosa, Jim Sturgess, Ben Campbell, and Kate Bosworth, among others, blackjack is largely popular because the actions of the player can affect the outcome of the game.  To increase profitability players learn not only blackjack strategy and probability, but card counting and betting strategies as well.


How to Play Craps << solid tutorial with all you need to know about playing craps.

Craps is probably the most action packed casino game available either online or on land. This is because of the nearly never ending betting options offered by the game mixed with the pure fun that comes with the group betting environment that’s created around a craps table.  If you’ve never played before, picture 6 to 20 people gathered around a big table that’s covered in numbers. There are piles and PILES of casino chips placed on various numbers all over – and you live or die on the number SEVEN (metaphorically speaking).

Online, the game is much the same, without the camaraderie, still providing a plethora of betting options, however, in the privacy of the player’s home, the player is free to learn the game, the betting strategies, and all of the intricacies that make craps the game that it is, without any distraction from other players.  It’s a COMPLICATED game, but that’s why we have an easy-to-follow guide for it below.  Check it out today!


How to Play Roulette << includes history of the game and betting tips.

Roulette is said to be the table game that players can play for hours and hours in a land based casino without really losing to much money. The game is played using a spinning wheel that has slots on it with numbers inside. A metal marble is placed onto the outer portion of the wheel while the wheel spins, as the wheel slows, the metal ball loses momentum and eventually drops into one of the number filled slots.

To place bets, players place casino chips on numbers on the game board to correspond with the numbers on the wheel. Players can bet on whether the black will land on a black, red or green space, an on or even number, or on specific numbers or sets of numbers that the ball may land on.



How to Play Baccarat << we detail Baccarat’s rich history and provide basic strategy.

Baccarat is known as a high rollers game. The game of baccarat is played with regular playing cards. There are actually three varieties of Baccarat including; punto banco, which is also referred to as “North American baccarat”baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque or “à deux tableaux“.  The first game, Punto Banco is purely a game of skill. The outcome of other two games, baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque are directly affected by the players choices while playing.

SicBo and Other “Numbers” Games

How to Play Sic Bo << this page breaks down Sic Bo and it’s cool history.

Sic Bo (which translates to ‘precious dice’), Red Dog, and Keno are casino style games that are available at both online and offline casinos. “Big and Small” Sic Bo (??), which is also known as tai sai (??), dai siu (??), or as Big and Small or as Hi-Low is played using three regular playing dice. The history of the game stems from ancient China.

Keno is often played in casinos, as well as in many states as the local lottery. Keno is extremely popular because a very small investment can lead to a much bigger payout.  It’s also one of the only games you can play at while eating at any casino restaurant, especially in Las Vegas!