The slot machine has taken on many shapes and names since their inception back in the 1800’s. They were first called Bell Machines and have evolved into Fruit Machines and One-Arm Bandits, to Pokies and Video Slots. One common factor has remained though, they are one the most popular forms of gambling played by millions around the world.

We owe this great game to its inventor, Mr. Charles Fey of San Francisco, California. Its original intent was to mimic a poker game, but this was found to be impossible to recreate the number of winning combinations with the technology available at the time. Fey then devised a machine that had 3 reels and just 5 symbols. These symbols were; Hearts, Diamonds, Horseshoes, Spades and a Liberty Bell. The placement of the Liberty Bell is what gave the machines their name. The Liberty Bell is an iconic piece of history in America that represents its freedom from the British. Just a quick history lesson for those who wanted one.

Slots Popularity Increases

The slot machine would quickly gain notice and a new industry was created in what seemed like overnight fashion. The founding of many gaming companies would sprout up all over the United States trying to cash in on the popularity of the slot. They would soon be seen in bars, bowling alleys, barber shops and cigars shops in most states you visited.

Many states would go on to ban the use of gambling devices and this would create what we have come to know as the modern gambling age. In most states in America gambling is considered illegal and slots cannot be found. However, more and more states have begun looking for additional sources of revenue and have been legalizing “slots-only” casinos for decades now to help increase their own financial bottom line. In other places around the world, laws will also vary, but for the most part, you can find slot machines in just about every country you visit.

While the popularity of slots would remain strong for decades, it would take some time to see them really evolve into what we know of them today. The first true video slot wasn’t invented until 1976, almost 80 years after it’s original predecessor. This slot used a Sony-manufactured television as its monitor and it was encased in a giant wood cabinet. The cabinet would house all the processors for the slot which by today’s standards would be comparable to a thumb drive. Computers in those days were still the size of a Pinto. You can imagine that fitting the processing power needed to power one video slot in those days was not an easy task.

Once the technology was available, the slot industry would explode like wild fire. People wanted to play these new video slots and companies such as IGT and WMS Industries were struggling to keep up with the demand. Pretty soon every casino was swapping out their old mechanical style machines for the latest video slots.  Along with the addition of ever-improving technology, slots have been equally famous for the jackpots they wield. The idea to add a progressive jackpot made slots even more popular and now just about every slot has some type of jackpot that can reach even the tens of millions of dollars at some casinos –  both online and live!

How the Internet Changed Slots Forever

The internet would again spurn a new rush of popularity and demand for slot machines. Once someone figured out that they could offer slots online, the possibilities seemed endless. New companies would again sprout up to take advantage of this and would cash in on the initial internet boom. Today only a few remain steady suppliers for online slots. Some of the more popular and widely used are: Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. If you’re playing online slots, you’re likely playing one that was developed by one of these 3 companies. There are others of course, but as of now, those are the top 3 suppliers.

The online slots are; for lack of a better term, awesome. Being able to dream up any style of slot lets creators work their magic and bring slots players the best possible slots. Do a quick search online for “slots” and you’ll find more themes and styles of slots than any normal human brain can comprehend. Slots of today are light years away from what they once were. We started with 3 reels and now have 5 or more as the standard with up to 100 pay lines on each. Some even feature double reels totaling 10 reels and more chances to win than ever.

Being Patient and Profiting From Slots

Now that we know the background on slots, let’s get started on how to play and some general tips to help you make some money. By now you’re probably itching to play and want to know how. It’s quite simple really and you only need to follow a few steps

All slots are based on the same premise. You insert money and spin the reels. There’s not much control you have over the outcome of the reels. Slots will have bonus rounds where you can interact with the game and you will have some dictation on the outcome, but for the most part you just pray to lady luck.

Once you pick a machine to play, you will insert your money and pick how much you want to play for and how many pay lines. A lot of machines will have the option to play for multiple coins and pay lines. Use the selector on the machine to choose how many coins and how many pay lines. Once you make your sections, pull the reel, push the button or touch the screen to get the reels spinning. That’s just about it and it’s really that simple.

The very first thing you should do is know the rules of the slot you’re playing. Understand how the bonus rounds play, how many pay lines you can play, how to make a winning combination, etc…. Without knowing how the machine works can make for a frustrating and expensive first time.

As a good rule of thumb when playing slot machines, you always want to play the maximum amount of coins and pay lines if possible. This helps to ensure you can win the most amount possible. It also allows you to hit the jackpots on most machines. Most slots will only pay out the jackpot if you are playing the max coins and pay lines. Hitting the jackpot combo and realizing you weren’t playing the max can be costly.

And speaking of jackpots, you should try to play machines that do have a jackpot of some type. They can be very lucrative when hit and should be chosen over a machine that does not have a jackpot whenever possible. Some live casinos have been heard to pay out over $1 million in jackpots to lucky winners. With one spin of the reel, you may be able to quit your day job and lay your favorite slot for the rest of your days.



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