You can attribute the popularity of mobile slot games to the growth of smartphones and other modern handheld mobile devices. The thing is mobile phones are now being used for much more than simply making and receiving calls. They have more features and larger screens than the old Nokia phones, so you can do more with them.

Growth in the mobile casino sector has been huge in the last five or so years. The fact that slots on a mobile device are so easy to play has no doubt contributed to the increased attention that mobile slots and other casino games are now getting. In addition to the usual non-progressive slots you’ll have access to at mobile casinos, you can also play progressive slots on a mobile, and the jackpots on offer can be truly life changing, and quite often hit when you least expect it.

What mobile slots games can I find in online casinos?

There is generally going to be a decent selection of mobile slots from top providers. Which slots can you play on your mobile? Look for the mobile icon in the slot games lobby, it will be listed next to each mobile slot game to suggest that the game is “mobile-friendly”.

Of all the mobile online slots games for players to choose from, the vast majority are video slots that have been developed specifically for mobile devices, and the gameplay is essentially pretty much the same as what you would get playing desktop casino slot games.

Another feature of mobile slot games is the variety of themes and different coin denominations to suit any mobile slots player. Many of the popular slots found in online casinos are optimized for mobile devices, as they’ve already proven to be popular with slots players, and anyone with an internet connection on any compatible mobile device can play them.

Many of the popular mobile video slots such as Microgaming’s Game of Thrones and Hitman slots feature bonus rounds, and the best sounds and animations to provide a superb online slots experience on smartphones and tablets whilst on the go.

It does seem as though the maximum jackpots up for grabs when playing progressive mobile slots are increasing, as they’re networked between different casinos and increasing in popularity. The more popular slot games optimized for smartphones will see their progressive jackpots increase at a quicker rate. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest online progressive jackpot slot wins have come from playing the Mega Moolah mobile slot.

More and more mobile slots games are being added to mobile casinos all the time, and you can expect the new mobile slots to be very responsive, which means no frustratingly slow load times, making them all the more exciting to play! Just make sure that you check the mobile casino page to see if your device is compatible with their software. For the most part, the latest mobile slot games can be played on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones/tablets.