Slots players have it good, especially online. They get the best bonuses, tens, if not hundreds of different machines to play and the potential to win huge jackpots. And whether you’re a true a slots fan or just another gambler who thinks slots games are rigged, we’re here to show you the more positive side of playing slots online and where the best casinos are to fire up one of your favorite games!

However, despite these upsides it is possible to have a bad slots experience if you sign up to a bad online casino. I want to help you avoid that. So I recommend reading my 7 characteristics of a great slots casino below. That should give you an idea of what casino to look for, as well as the reasons why recommends the casinos they do.

6 Characteristics of a Great Slots Casino

1. Generous Deposit Bonuses

If I were a slots player I would not settle for a tiny deposit bonus. $200? $500?


There are casinos that offer $2, $5 and $7,000 bonus offers, or more, to their players. So there is no reason to settle for less.

The best offers will be the higher match, higher cap bonuses. For example, a bonus that has a 150-200% match up to $4,000. That’s a good bonus.

Moreover, the best slots casinos will have easier clearing requirements than other casinos. Instead of a rollover of 80x your deposit plus bonus, at one of the best slots sites you might only have to wager 60, 50 or 40x your deposit plus bonus. That means you can clear your bonus in almost half the time that you could elsewhere.

2. Themes and Variations You Like

Variety is the spice of life.

Whoever said that must’ve been a slots player. Right?!?

Humor aside, the best slots casinos will have a wide variety of machines to choose from. It could be 3-reel slots, multi-line slots, progressive jackpots or video slots. Themes are fun too. I’m partial to comic book themes like The Hulk and Iron Man, but maybe you like Wizard of Oz. Maybe you like them all. It doesn’t really matter, I guess. The best casinos will offer them all, with a wide variety of wagering options.

3. VIP Program / Additional Promotions

The best casinos to play at will offer other promotions in addition to their deposit bonus. Other things to reward you for playing and to encourage you to play more.

One thing I look for is a VIP program. These (usually) reward the higher volume players. As a VIP member, you can earn things like cashback, free gifts, free spins or one-on-one service.

I also recommend looking for ongoing promotions, like reload bonuses. Many of the best slots casinos offer reload bonuses specifically for slots players. Try to find these. It’s a great way to add a couple of hundred dollars to your bankroll.

4. Progressive Jackpots

Not a whole lot to say here. Progressive jackpots are where it’s at, assuming your bankroll can handle them. What I like about the progressive jackpots is that many of them are on a network (of other progressive slot machines), so the jackpots are being built 24/7/365 until someone hits it. By that time the jackpots are usually hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not in the millions.

5. Well Developed Casino Software

Since you’re playing online instead of in a brick and mortar casino, the casino’s software is a big deal. It needs to capture the look, feel and sound of a real casino. The best casinos online manage to do this well. It’s also important that they don’t have bugs, are secure and don’t freeze (or stop working) often.

The best slots casinos are also compatible with a number of operating systems and devices, not just with Windows. If you’re a Mac user, you should have access to a download. If not, then the casino should have a browser version of their software that you can play from any browser window. The only downside is that the selection of slots is usually lower. But still more than enough to keep you occupied.

If you’re a tablet or smart phone user, the best casinos will have an app of their casino available to you for download. The alternative would be individual slot games that you can have sent to your phone.

6. Banking Options

You know you’re at one of the best slots sites when you don’t have a problem finding a banking option that you can use for making a deposit or a withdrawal. This is especially true for Americans since they’ll have fewer options available to them, not to mention a higher probability that certain options won’t work.

The best casinos also don’t charge fees for withdrawals, or at least keep them to a minimum. I think the worst slots casinos are the ones that nickel and dime you for any option you want to use. That sucks. The casinos make plenty of money as is. There’s no reason that you should have to pay $10-$100 just because you want to cashout your winnings.

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