russian-flagIn 2009 the Russian Government banned all gambling, all at once, overnight, every single casino in the entire country was out of business. Though there are plenty that would likely disagree, some of those  closures were likely for the best. The law said that gambling would be allowed in the future in four gambling zones, and nowhere else.

When Russia overcame communism, and again became a country where free enterprise ruled, casinos opened throughout. Not all of these casinos were of stellar reputation however.  In 2006 the countries President Vladimir Putin, closed down every single casino in the entire country.  Over the next decade Russia will see the development of four casino zones. The casinos will be designed to draw in tourists from outside; however, unlike at casinos in places like Vietnam, where visitors are not allowed to enter before proving their visiting on an international visa, nationals will be able to visit the casinos as well.

Russian Casino Zones

The four Russian gambling zones are slated to be set up in the following areas:

  • Altai
  • Primorie
  • Kaliningrad
  • Krasnodar and Rostov Border

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Vladivostok Casinos – Primorsky Casino Zone

Under the direction of developer Dom Primorye the 6 kilometer gambling zone in Vladivostok Russia, known as the Primorsky casino zone, is currently courting global casino investors. This zone was selected largely because of its location in relation to Asia and the possibility of Asian tourism traffic that will bring money into Russia via the gambling industry.  Russia’s new Vladivostok Casino zone should begin taking shape right around the same time that the Philippines and Vietnam’s newly approved casino resorts start making a splash in the casino tourism market. This on top of the Taiwan Matsu’s Islands recent vote to allow casino resorts.

Vladivostok is Russia’s most eastern territory. The area borders both China and Korea. The country is expecting to break ground on 12 new Russian casinos which should be built within a three phase rollout that’s set to be finished by 2016. The Vladivostok area is slated to host as many as five of these large new casino resorts.

The Vladivostok tourism zone is set to include luxury Russian hotels, skiing and golf venues as well as shopping malls.


Russian Casinos Online

There are many things that Russian casino game enthusiast might be looking for when they go in search of the best Russian casinos online. For starters, with the laws in Russia as in-flux as they are right now, they’re going to simply be going out in search of sites that accept Russian poker players. Other things that make a casino desirable include the ability to play casino games in the players own currency, and the availability of the players favorite games.

Russian Ruble Casinos

The Russian ruble, also known as, rouble ( in Russian: ????? rubl?, or in the plural form ????? rubli) is the official currency used in Russia, as well as in The Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Casinos that Accept Russian RubleRussian Currency

  • Crazy Vegas Casino
  • EUcasino
  • Expekt Casino
  • Bwin Casino
  • Bet-at-Home Casino

Another consideration when you’re choosing a new place to play online casino games is safety and security of the casino. Does the casino use secure SSL transactions? Do they encrypt all of your sensitive data all the time? If they do, then we look at other security factors,  for instance, how long has the casino been in business?

Newer casinos face a larger risk of shutting down unexpectedly, whereas older casinos have probably already faced some financial difficulty or political struggles somewhere along the line. They’ve got a little bit of experience under their belts and are able to deal with this sort of thing.


Publicly Traded Casinos

Another sign that a casino is a stable place to play comes to us from the stock market. If a casino is publicly traded on the New York or London Stock exchanges that casino is not just liable to its players, it’s liable, and transparent to a group of investors.

Mobile Casinos in Russia

If you have a smart phone, or a tablet, and are looking for mobile casinos options to play on that mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. Russian slots, blackjack games, and all sorts of other mobile table and specialty games are available to mobile users.

Mobile PhonesMobile Sites open to Russians

  • Slotland Casino

Slotland’s mobile casino is open to all players from anywhere in the world that can access the site. The games are all unique, and can only be found on one other casino (win-a-day casino). There’s nothing to download, as the games are all played right inside of the casinos browser. Every game offered by Sloto Cash is mobile device compatible.

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