Casino ReviewsWith so many online casinos on the market today, choosing one or two to sign-up to can be an overwhelming process. To help you out, what we’ve done is take the top online casinos on the web, create an account and review each one. Then we report our findings to you. Our goal is to make it easier for you to choose a casino to join.

Hopefully we met our goal.

To read our reviews just click on the links below. Below the reviews you’ll find an explanation of what we feel makes a great casino and what factors are important to compare and consider before signing up.

What Makes a Casino Standout?

The funny thing is that there are several things an online casino can do to stand out from the rest, but few make the effort to do so.

But for the casinos that do, here is how they do it:

  • Reputation – How well do they treat their players? Do they pay on time, offer generous promotions and have adequate (and friendly) support?
  • Game variety – Having the basic games like blackjack, slots and craps is important. But for an online casino to standout they should also offer variations and games you can’t find everyone, such as live dealer games.
  • History – Does the casino have a positive history full of people who enjoy playing at their site?
  • Promotions – Do they offer frequent promotions? Are their terms fair? Can games like blackjack and craps participate, whereas they can’t at the majority of other casinos?

These are things that help a casino standout in our eyes. Keep in mind that standing out doesn’t always mean in a good way. Online casinos can stand out in such a way that we recommend you stay away from them, too.

What Do We Look for in an Online Casino?

Casino Review ChecklistIn addition to the traits I mentioned above, when I review a casino I also look for:

  • Honesty & safety – These two characteristics go hand-in-hand. If a room is not honest with their players or affiliates, and/or there are consistent complaints about a casino scamming players, then we won’t recommend them. I don’t care how good their promotions or games are.
  • Deposit options – A variety of deposit options are important. Not everyone will have access to Visa, Neteller or an e-wallet. Not everyone will have the easiest time making a deposit with certain methods either, such as Americans using a debit/credit card. So the more banking options there are, the better.
  • US players – A large part of our audience are Americans. Unfortunately, few casinos accept US players, so that’s a factor we consider with every casino we review and recommend.

What You Should Think About When Comparing Casinos

If you decide that you don’t like our recommend sites, or maybe you already have an account at each one, then you’re going to want to review sites on your own. Or quite possibly, you’ll want to review the casinos you’ve found with what we recommend here on

Whatever the case, there are certain things we recommend you compare and consider when making the final decision as to where you’re going to play online.

  • Software – The software isn’t just about the graphics and how good the casino looks. That’s important, sure. But software also impacts the games that are available, the stakes and whether or not the software is compatible with Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Games – As I mentioned above not every casino will have every single game known to man. So if you want to play something less common, say Spanish blackjack, then you may have to compromise in other areas in order to find a casino with that game.
  • Bonus terms – I don’t recommend looking at the bonus amount first. Instead, you should look at how much money you need to wager to clear your entire bonus. Compare that from one casino to the next. Be sure to look for expiration dates, too.
  • Deposit options – I covered this already above. Just try to find an online casino that has more than 1 or 2 deposit options you can use.

These are by far the most important things I recommend you compare and consider. However, don’t let that stop you from digging deeper. You can also compare things like stakes, support, banking fees, specific slot themes, variations and so on.

How to Find the Best Casino

If you follow my advice above, finding the best online casino for you should be a cinch. Your goal should be to find a site that accepts people from your state or country, has the games you like to play, stakes you can afford, deposit options you can use and compatible software. That’s the best online casino, for you.

The fastest way to find a casino that fits the bill is to read our reviews. We cover all of these things and write our reviews up in such a way that you can scan each one in 5-10 minutes.

Other than that, the only other things I can suggest doing is talking to your friends, family or peers that may gamble online. Or, you can just make a small deposit and try each online casino out for yourself. Just keep in mind, that by making a small deposit, you ruin your chances of taking full advantage of the casino’s deposit bonus. But that could very well be a reasonable tradeoff for finding a casino you can play at for the long haul.

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