It isn’t easy finding a sportsbook. The right sportsbook. A sportsbook that accepts US players, takes Visa for deposits, offers a competitive bonus amongst other promotions and/or actually pays bettors when they win. God forbid a sportsbook with all of these qualities under one roof to actually exist.

But they do. You just have to look for them, or rather, read our reviews. You see, we’ve already done the work for you. We’ve researched the web, found the best all-around NFL betting sites and reviewed others for you. All you need to do now is read our reviews, find the sportsbook(s) you like best, visit their site(s) and sign-up. Our reviews are listed below. Just click on one to get started.

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Below we’ve given a brief explanation of how we write up our reviews, what we look for in a sportsbook and why it matters.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are promotions (usually) reserved for new players. It’s an incentive to make a deposit once you’ve signed up.

The majority of the time deposit bonuses are match bonuses. That means that the sportsbook will match a percentage of your deposit. Most sportsbook will have a maximum amount they are willing to match to. For example, a deposit bonus might look like this: 100% up to $600. This means that if you make a $600 deposit, the sportsbook will bonus you $600.

You can deposit more if you want, but the maximum you can receive is $600 (or whatever they list). Bonuses aren’t always 100% matches either. They could be 25%, 150% or even 300%, meaning that in some cases your money won’t go far, and in others your money can be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled.

Play-Through Requirements

In addition to the bonus amount, you’ll want to pay attention to the clearing requirements. Try to find the lowest play through requirements. Play through requirements are terms that sportsbooks have in place to prevent people from taking the bonuses and running. So what you’ll need to do is wager the amount you deposit (and often times the bonus amount, too) so many times before you can request a withdrawal.

For example, a sportsbook might have a 6x wagering requirement for the combined total of the deposit plus bonus. So if you deposit $100, and receive $100, for a total of $200, with a 6x wagering requirement you’d have to wager $1200 before you could ask for withdrawal. Do it any sooner and you run the risk of losing your bonus money, as well as any money you may have won with it.

Equally as important to remember is that most times deposit bonuses are one time deals. Meaning that you get one deposit to make the most of it. So don’t make a deposit less than the maximum (bonus amount) unless you’re 100% sure you can’t deposit more.

Last thing to keep in mind about bonuses — some bonuses are play bonuses and others are cash bonuses. The difference between the two is that play bonuses can only be used to bet and win money with, whereas cash bonuses can be used to play with or cash out.

Other Promotions

Deposit bonuses are often the most pushed/marketed. However, I like to dig deeper and find any other promotions that a sportsbook might be running. Things I look for include VIP programs, cash back rebates, reduced juice and so on. Sports specific promos are always good too. Anything that will add to your experience, and your wallet, I look for.

Betting Options

Most online sportsbooks will offer the usual range of sports, including the major sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. However, there are sportsbooks who offer wagers on international sports like soccer, cricket, darts and even pool! I try to find sportsbooks with interesting or unique options too, such as events (the presidential election, for example), TV shows or even multiple sub-categories under a main sport, like different college sports, arena sports or various-niche tours.

Banking Options

In regards to banking options what I look for is the number of options available, especially to countries like the US. I also look for deposit/withdrawal limits, fees and timeframes. I also look up details behind the sportsbook to make sure they are trustworthy and paying their players. We don’t want to send you to a sportsbook that won’t pay you when you win, or simply want your money back.

Contact and Support Information

Last, I check out the sportsbook’s contact information. How many ways can you get in touch (phone, email, live chat, Skype, etc)? More importantly, how fast do they respond, are they knowledgeable and friendly? I make sure to find the answers to these questions to ensure you have the best experience possible.