BetDSI is a sportsbook located in Costa Rica. DSI means “Diamond Sportsbook International.” BetDSI holds its betting license from Costa Rica. BetDSI is a long-lived sportsbook, offering Web-based sports betting since 1998. The idea behind this review is to make potential customers familiar with both the good and bad aspects of this respected and long-standing sports betting venue.

BetDSI serves customers in 140 countries around the world. They continue to do business with American customers. The site has a remarkable array of available world currencies and language platforms. A lot of the site’s respectability has to do with their direct connection to the well-known and trusted Bookmaker brand. In fact, BetDSI’s headquarters are actually in the same fancy facility as Bookmaker.


BetDSI Pros & Cons

I always start with the “pros,” but I’m quick to point out that you should read the “cons” as well. I don’t want to come across as a salesman.

Read the high and low points below and decide for yourself if BetDSI is the type of book you want to do your online sports betting with.


Simplicity – I’ve read plenty of reviews of this service in which the writers knock the site for their basic interface and site design. If you’re into design, I can understand why you might be disappointed by the (admittedly) plain layout BetDSI uses. There’s another way to think of this – it’s a simple and affective design. If you’re the type that doesn’t care too much about the color of the text or the use of fancy animations, you’ll be plenty happy with the layout at DSI.

Tools & Resources for Bettors – Even though the design is simple, the site’s use of player tools is not. Players have access to a free odds converter, calculators for bets on parlays and teasers, and on-page access to RSS feeds for news and tips.

Mobile Betting Availability – True, offering mobile bets isn’t exactly revolutionary these days. What I like about BetDSI’s mobile service is that it matches the simplicity of the desktop site and it’s a powerful customer support tool in its own right. You can make deposits and withdrawals and place any bet available through the desktop service all from your smartphone or tablet.


Weak Promotions Lineup – I’m not impressed at all by BetDSI’s Welcome and Reload bonus offers. The first is limited to just $300 at a 10x rollover, which seems to be a ten or fifteen-year old offer that the site never revised. The reload bonus offers just a 5x rollover, but is limited to totals of just $500. That’s not that much more than the welcome bonus and won’t do much to entice me to make a return deposit. Of course, if you don’t care about promotions, this isn’t such a big deal.

As this is a major global sportsbook, with customers in about half the world’s countries, it shouldn’t surprise you that every major sport (and a ton of minor ones) are available for wagers at BetDSI sportsbook. Pro leagues from all over the world (including American NBA, NFL, and NHL bets) are combined with a ridiculous number of exotic and small-market bets. Want to wager on pro surfing, box office returns, or the World Series of Poker? BetDSI lets you do that and more.

Banking Options (Withdrawals)

At the time of this review, customers can pick from a long list (1) of different withdrawal methods. This includes eWallets like Neteller as well as traditional methods like bank drafts and check transfers. The minimum requirements for these methods is pretty standard compared to the industry, except for bank wire. Customers who want a bank write can only do so if they’re withdrawing $500 or more.

Customer Support

It’s nice to find a sportsbook that allows contact with customer service via email, toll-free number, or even a fax machine message, 24 hours a day. It would be nice if the service would add a live chat option, or some alternative contact method, but for now they do a decent job of responding. I got an email response in just two hours, and I’m not even a paying customer.

Overall Opinion of BetDSI

BetDSI isn’t one of the big trigger-names in sports betting, but it has been in business now for seventeen years, which is more than some of those flashy high-profile books can say. The service’s major drawback has to do with bonuses and promotions, which isn’t even a consideration for many bettors. If you want access to a large number of world currencies and languages, a decent customer service system, and a reputable sport betting provider, give BetDSI a look. Just don’t be too put off by the somewhat simple design.