Myth #1: Slot machines are “due” to hit

Each virtual spin of a slot machine’s reels is a random event. It is important to understand the result of that spin is independent of all the spins prior to it. Unfortunately, just “willing” a machine to hit just because you might have some ill-conceived notion in your head that it’s somehow that slot’s destiny are a tiny bit absurd – it just DOES NOT work that way.

There are some slots players that believe if they have been on a long losing streak the machine is due for a big win. This is just not true. If you have had a losing streak the slot is not influenced by past spins and able to reward you with a win. This is just not how slot machines work. There is no component of a slot machine that forces it to pay when it has taken in a specific amount.

Myth #2:  The longer you play, the more likely you hit a jackpot!

The slot machine doesn’t decide when the jackpot should go off. Like is the case with regular spins, the progressive jackpot uses a random number generator (RNG) to generate test results, and when the right combination comes up the jackpot hits. You can’t predict when a slot machine jackpot is going to be triggered.

Now, having said that, when you’re playing the wide area progressives like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune, some of these progressives have a threshold for the jackpot to hit.

It is a mathematical fact that the longer you play a progressive machine, the more likely you are to get the jackpot in situations when it’s nearing the threshold limit. Your likelihood of hitting the top prize now goes up considerably.

Myth #3: Winning slot machine systems exist

There are no systems that will help you to win money playing slot machines. It is impossible to predict what the outcome of the next spin will be. However, we suggest reading the tid bit about volatility in slot machines below, as it can help you decide on what slot game to play.

Conclusion and Other Facts About Slots Myths:

1) Casinos don’t make a lot of money by having slot machines that can be easily exploited. Common sense suggests that if a slot system worked, slot manufacturers would not be able to license their machines.

2) The more you play, the greater the chance of hitting the jackpot playing progressives that have a threshold and should hit soon.

3) The more you play, the greater the certainty that you will lose all your money, as the house edge will be realized, hence the importance of quitting straight after a big win.

4) Slot machines use a RNG to determine the outcome of each individual spin.

While there is nothing you can do to guarantee that you’ll win when playing slot machines, it can be helpful to know the variance of any particular slot, because the biggest difference between games is their volatility.

Low variance slots have smaller but more frequent wins. They cater to slot players with limited bankrolls who want their money to last longer. Higher variance slots offer the potential of much larger wins, but they hit less frequently, so you need a larger bankroll.