The game of Roulette is one played by experienced and new gamblers. It’s a quick game to learn which makes it a good choice for those who are new to gambling. It also has very good odds, which in turn, makes it a viable option for skilled gamblers as well. It’s a relatively slow paced game that allows players to fully enjoy themselves and think through their decisions without being rushed.

Roulette, uses a wheel, a dealer (or Croupier) a ball and a table layout with all betting options. Players make all their bets before the dealer waves off all bets, and drop the ball in the spinning wheel. The wheel has 38 total numbers; numbers 1-36 are split equally in red or black, and a single and a double zero, which will both be green to distinguish themselves. Once the ball lands in a slot, all winning bets are paid out, and all losing ones are scooped off the table and into the casinos pockets.

If you play in Europe, you will see the same version of Roulette with one major difference. Instead of 2 sets of zeroes, you will only have a single zero. This style of Roulette is recommended whenever you see it, as it offers much lower odds against the house. This means, the player will win   more often than on a wheel with two sets of zeroes.

That’s the basics of Roulette and as you can see is one of the easiest games to learn. In about 20 seconds, you just learned the rules of Roulette. But wait, you don’t want to head over to your closest casino and think you’re an expert just yet. There are more details that you will want to know before placing any bets. Although Roulette is much a game of chance, there are ways to increase your chances of winning based on what bets you make and other intricacies that many gamblers are unaware of.

Betting Strategies

One of the best ways to win at Roulette is to use what’s called a betting strategy. This is a way in which you use your bet amounts to overcome losses or increase your winnings. There are many types of betting strategies in the gambling community, but only a few are worth trying.

The first is called; Oscars Grind. This system uses a progression of bets that you employ to gain an extra bet. Its principals are very slow and methodic which give its name, grind. The word grind in the gambling universe means to slowly build up your winnings. That is exactly how this system works, slowly but surely.

The system itself is simple and real quick to learn. Each time you win, you increase the bet; each time you lose you keep it the same. The trick is to adjust your bets to a specific amount each time you win. The progression goes, 1-2-3-4, with each number representing an amount of units to bet.  You will never bet over 4 units at a time using this system. Once you have a profit of 1 unit, you repeat this progression over and start from the beginning by betting 1 unit.

To show how this system works, we will use the example below:

We start out by betting 1 unit and win. The progression now calls for a bet of 2 units since we won. This time we win again and our progression now calls for 3 units. We have now increased our winnings by 3 units at this point.

Our next bet is 3 units and we lose our profit of 3 units. Since we lost, we keep the bet the same as our last losing wager which was 3 units. We do bet 3 units and win, which now gives us our profit of 3 units back and we start the progression over at 1 unit.

Anytime you lose, you keep going as the system dictates until you have a reached a profit of at least 1 unit. At this point you can start over and go back to betting 1 unit.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy use a system of bets that state you should keep bets the same when you win and double them when you lose. To start, you pick an amount to bet and this will be your basis on most bets from this point on.

Let’s say we bet $1 and win, our bet stays the same at $1 on the next spin. The next turn we lose and now have to bet $2 to recoup our losses from the previous bet. If we win, we go back to betting our initial amount, which in this case was $1. If we were to lose, we would have to double our losing bet, not the original bet amount we started with. The losing bet in this example was $2; therefore our next bet would have to be $4. If we lost this bet, our next bet would be $8. This would continue until you won and would be back to even.

This is a good strategy as the math involved will ensure you will at least break even if used correctly. However, this can get expensive when you go a losing run. Imagine betting $1 a spin and lose 4 or 5 in a row. Your bet on the next spin would have to be. 2+4+8+16+32+64+128. You can see how it would go up pretty quick just by betting $1 from the start. If you have deeper pockets, this strategy will always let you break even and a large percent of the time win.

Reverse Martingale

This strategy has the same principles as the original. This time you would reverse the betting pattern and double your bets when you win and keep them the same when you lose. This offers the benefit of not having to make huge bets when you’re losing which is good for those with a smaller bankroll. It also allows you to increase winnings at a faster rate because you are placing much larger bets each time you win.

The downside is that you could lose all those winnings with one loss and be back to even again. Some like to implement a stop loss limit when using this strategy to avoid these situations. If they are on a hot streak and keep winning, they will leave the table at an amount set to make sure they leave with a profit.

Myths About Implementing These Strategies

Many players have either heard or read of certain strategies and may try to get you to believe in them too. One of the more popular ones is that you can tell which number will come up by looking at the list of ones already showed. At a Roulette table, there will be a digital readout of the last 10 numbers or so. Many gamblers feel they can predict the next number or feel that a certain number is due to hit since it hasn’t come up in a while. This is completely untrue and should be avoided.

The odds of any number hitting are exactly the same regardless if the number 10 has come up 50 times in a row. The number 10, along with every other number has the same statistical chance to be the next number with each spin of the wheel.

Another common myth is that you can stake out the wheels in a casino and find one that is juiced. A juiced wheel is considered to be one that is getting worn out and tends to hit the same numbers more often than others. While in the old days, this may have been true or somewhat possible, todays Roulette are so sophisticated that they will never get to the point when they are predictable. If one ever does, the casino will quickly remove it even if they suspect the slightest bit of wear on it.

If a wheel had been juiced and was hitting a certain number more often, you would need spend hours and days in front of it, collecting data to come up with a real answer. Even then, you may still not know. This is completely false information, and should be considered useless.



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