MSPT Venetian Main Event — Korey Payne Takes Main Prize

Korey Payne is officially the latest champion of the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour, after topping the field of 1,239 entries and winning a total of $327,773. In other words, Payne managed to win the MSPT Venetian $1,600 Main Event, ending an event that lasted for five days and snatching the biggest prize of the prize pool that was $1,771,770.

When a total of 63 players returned on Day 3, Payne had approximately 605,000 in chips, and the blinds were at 8,000/16,000/16,000. In other words, Korey was just one BB above the average stack.

However, he managed to maintain this stack size as the field narrowed down to the top 30 players. Just before the two final tables were formed, Payne managed to double the stack size and gain a significant advantage over his opponents.

He started his great run with a hand that set it all in motion. It was a hand against Jorden Helstern, who managed to flop a top pair of queens. However, that wasn’t enough for Payne, who had sixes in his hand and managed to find a third six on the turn, doubling over to two million.

After that, Korey eliminated Zachary Grech in 10th place with a set of queens, winning a three-way pot. Once the final table started, Korey had the second largest stack, which was a good position to start the final part of the event.

The Final Table Overview

Even though Payne had a huge chip stack, it was nowhere near that of Salim Admon, who had almost twice as much as they started the final table. The first player to hit the rail in the final table was Dale Eberle, who actually managed to double up against Admon early on but suffered a heavy blow right after that, leaving him with an earning a total of $28,343.

The next one in line to leave the game was Jorden Helstern, who managed to lose a coin flip against Randy Froelich. Helston, therefore, had to leave the game in the seventh place. His take-home prize was in the form of $37,207.

The action went on, and half a level later, it was time for another player to say goodbye to the final table. That was David Poces, who faced Satoshi Tanaka and won a total of $49,610 on the tournament.

About 30 minutes after that, Tanaka faced Martin Zamani, but wasn’t able to find a match for Zamani’s diamond flush with ace-five suited. Therefore, Zamani took almost all of Tanaka’s chips. Zamani managed to land another diamond flush after that, and Tanaka had to settle for the $65,555 purse payout.

Randy Froelich was the next player in line to hit the rail, earning a total of $100,991, and the last player to end their run before the heads-up play was Martin Zamani, who earned $148,829.

Salim Admon and Korey Payne entered the heads-up with Payne having a huge chip lead, but Admon didn’t give up easily, doubling-up several times before finally busting for $219,699.

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