WSOP Event #2 Concludes; Brent Hanks Claims Victory

Just last night, the second event of the 2012 World Series of Poker concluded and it was Brent Hanks who took the first place win, earning his second WSOP bracelet of his career. Yesterday afternoon, the final fifteen entered the poker room to finish up the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event and it would not be long before final table play would begin.

It took a little over two hours before final table play would begin. Jacob Bazeley would hold the most chips coming into final table play at 1,960,000 while Hans followed with 1,558,000. Not too far behind were Andrew Badecker with 1,553,000 and Vanessa Selbst with 1,327,000. Next was Ryan Schmidt with 1,200,000 and then even further down the line was JP Kelly with 610,000.

Kelly as well as Selbst were the most watched players during this event and it was believed, by many, that one would earn the bracelet. Kelly was shooting for his third WSOP bracelet but it was not to be. After Park was eliminated early on, Kelly would go next.

Hanks ended up putting Kelly all in with A-Q spade suited to J diamond-4 hearts. The board ran 6 clubs-7 spades-3 spades-10 spades-7 diamonds which pushed Kelly out in eighth place. Michael Kaufman would be the next to go after taking on Selbst. Kaufman held pocket 10s heart/clubs and Selbst held A spades-K clubs. The board fell A-10-3 all clubs which gave Kaufman confidence but a Q on the turn and J on the river gave Selbst and out and Kaufman was out in seventh place.

Sixth place would go to Abdyl Konjuhi and soon after Schmidt would exit in fifth place. Schmidt would go in with a pocket pair but his opponent Badecker would have a higher pair which would put Schmidt out in fifth place.

Selbst would exit in fourth place after she lost a good deal of her stack to Hanks. After Schmidt’s exit, Selbst would go all with K-7 diamonds suited and Badecker would call with K clubs-Q diamonds. The board ran J clubs-9 hearts-4 clubs-Q spades-8 hearts. This would put Selbst out in fourth place.

Badecker would then lose most of what he earned to Bazeley and would eventually exit the tournament in third place by Hanks. This would leave Bazeley and Hanks to fight it out in heads up play. The two were pretty even in chip counts so it would take hours before the final hand would play out.

In the end, Bazeley lost the majority of his chips on a hand of pocket 9s to Hanks A-8 and he would be left with just the big blind. Bazeley would have to go all in with 10 hearts-4 diamonds and Hanks would hold A hearts-10 diamonds. The board ran J spades-10 spades-2 spades-6 diamonds-J clubs and this would give Hanks the hand and the first place win!

Final Results:

Brent Hanks                       $517,7252

Jacob Bazeley                    $322,2943

Andrew Badecker            $224,0294

Vanessa Selbst                  $161,3455

Ryan Schmidt                     $177,9216

Adbyl Konjuhi                    $87,2317

Michael Kaufman             $65,3778

JP Kelly                                 $49,6219

Richard Park                       $38,106


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