Women in Poker Supported by the Poker League of Nations

Poker is a game that can be played by anyone, regardless of their gender. Sure, there are sports which need to separate men and women due to the gap in physical strength. Therefore, football cannot be played in mixed teams. But Poker can. However, there are still not enough women in poker, and the question is – why?

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Poker League of Nations became the major organization which started promoting poker to women and trying to correct the huge imbalance that exists in the poker world. In fact, they have one strict goal defined that affects all their actions – to include more women in the open events. According to Lena Evans, the founder of this organization, there are approximately 4.8% of women in poker, and only 3.8% were present in the WSOP Main Event.

Apart from hosting the events which are only for the female poker players, PLON also tries to include as many women as possible in the open events, thus promoting poker to the fairer sex.

Poker League of Nations (or just PLON) was established by Evans and Maureen Bloechlinger, who are the two ladies that enjoy traveling together and playing poker along the way. The whole thing started as a small group of female poker players who wanted to share their passion for this card game, exchange tactics, and info about the poker events. Then came the spring of 2018, and the things started getting serious for them. It seems that they have found their purpose and the popularity of PLON skyrocketed into something enormous.

Evans stated that they had decided it was time to make a real effort on including more women in poker since they had not seen too many female poker players in their travels.

Evans is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, and she is used to getting things done as soon as she has an idea. PLON is no exception and she managed to make the community of PLON grow from 300 to 2,500 in less than a year. The best thing about PLON is that they have gone international, and have members from 25 countries.

They are often organizing discussions about the ways to promote women in poker, and some of their members even attended the WPT Women’s Summit which took place in Los Angeles about a month ago, where the problem of under-representation of women in poker was being discussed.

To fix the problem, the root of it should be found. So what is it? Well, there are actually hundreds of things that affect women not to consider playing poker. Thins such as unwelcoming environment, and other obligations to their families, often make women quit poker early or not giving it a try at all. However, Evans states that the problem #1 is money as women do not have enough to play in events that require bigger buy-in. This goes beyond poker, but PLON will do their best to fight for equality in this game, as it should be welcoming for women as much as it is for men.

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