North Korea Denies Hosting Illegal Casino Games in the Embassy in Moscow

The country of North Korea has been the primary target of Russian media for the last couple of days, and an illegal casino is the main reason for that. Reportedly, the media attacked the North Korean embassy in Moscow for apparently running an illegal casino there. They were busted by a recent series of raids of the Russian armed forces who had an objective to bust all the illegal dens that are connected to gambling in Moscow. They managed the operation successfully and discovered 15 illegal casinos, one of them being in the embassy of North Korea.


The illegal casino in the embassy is believed to be active from 2016, and according to some of the Russian papers, it was generating hundreds of millions of rubles monthly.

Allegedly, that illegal casino business has close ties to Panorama, which is a licensed operator for sports betting that is responsible for operating GreenBet, UnionBet, and Winline. There were a total of 100 people who were arrested in the process, and one of them is Anton Bazhanov, who has a reputation of having a high rank in a local “community of criminals”. According to Kommersant, Bazhanov offered them to pay his way out of the prison with a sum of 10 million Russian Rubles, which is close to $153,000. However, he is now in custody until his case is solved.

According to Tass, which is a news agency, one of the casinos was located on the premises of the embassy of North Korea. Some of the clientele in it were considered VIP and consisted of various diplomats and lawyers.

The team at Komsomolskaya Pravda were denied access to the premises of the embassy, and one of the North Korean diplomats referred to the sovereign territory rights to deny them the entry. Furthermore, Tass stated that one of the representatives from North Korea stated that they knew nothing about that illegal casino in the embassy.
Russia has some really strict laws about casinos. In fact, all of the big cities have no casinos in them, as they are all placed in geographically distant economic zones, one of the most popular being Primorye, which is located in the far East of the country, near Vladivostok. Furthermore, there is no online casino activity available in Russia at the moment.

When it comes to North Korea, they also announced publicly a couple of times that they want to enlarge their casino businesses that exist on their home soil. However, it seems that they needed to earn some cash before their plan can work out, and that involves opening illegal online gambling operations which were opened by some of the authorized agents in other countries. However, it the idea to open a casino in a few embassies that North Korea has in a couple of countries does not seem to be working well.

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