Mike Postle Live Cheating? Some Believe He Is

For the last month, Mike Postle has been doing so great that many poker players simply decided to avoid playing against him. He has been amazing poker observers who watched live-streamed events for some time now by playing amazing hands and seeming simply indestructible in every aspect of his play.

However, he was recently accused by some of the watchers and the players alike that he was cheating during play at Stones Gambling Hall, which is located in Citrus Heights, Calif. Postle is a regular player there and one of the biggest winners in that facility, and that raised suspicion by some of the poker lovers. They have pointed out a couple of suspicious hands he has played, and that’s their strongest evidence against him at the moment.

The thing with Stones Gambling Hall is that it runs a couple of live-streamed cash games, which usually have stakes of $1/$3 and $5/$5, which means that there is recorded evidence of potential cheating hands. Postle plays mostly these games, which are streamed live, and he even has a game of his own, which is called Postle and Pals. In fact, he seems to love playing games that are streamed live and avoids taking part in the unstreamed ones. In other words, there’s plenty of his plays that are actually recorded on camera.

Inspecting Postle’s Hands

One of the players that really started an in-depth investigation of Postle’s hands is Joey Ingram, who went through hours of recorded live-stream footage in order to uncover Postle’s secret. He then made a five-hour-long video that explores the suspicious hands and points out why they are a good basis for calling Postle a cheater. In the end, Ingram never really accused Postle of cheating, he just wanted to draw people’s attention to the problem hands Postle played.

Some concrete examples of Postle’s odd play involve calling one bet with a full house on the river against a better full house. Postle claimed that the RFID technology did not read his cards well and that he actually had a much weaker hand, which involved tens and eights. Matt Berkey immediately responded to this, saying that the RFID technology can only mislabel a card if it is mislabeled from the beginning and that this error would happen during the entire stream session.

This was just one of the many suspicious hands that Postle managed to pull off. In fact, Haralbos Voulgaris, one of the high-stakes poker players, called Postle either a “time-traveling wizard, a cheat, or the greatest poker player of all time.” However, he also added that it would be contradictory that “the greatest poker player ever” couldn’t “get his head above 1-3NL.”

Postle responded on social media, claiming that he has been doing pretty well in poker for a very long time and that he has had “very good instincts.” Make sure to check out the five-hour video that inspects hands played by Postle and analyzes them.

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