Long Lines Delay EPT Dortmund Poker Tournament Start

PokerStars Euopean Poker TourThe first day of the European Poker Tour was scheduled to kick off today at 3pm however play today was a bit delayed due to heavier than expected player registrations. The larger amount of registrants caused there to be longer lines than were expected by tournament organizers, therefore the game was delayed while players finished getting through registration.

In total 198 players braved the lines and made it into the 2008 European Poker Tour at Dortmund being held at Hohensyburg Casino. Hohensyburg Casino is known as one of the largest casinos in the Federal Reserve of Germany. The casino has hosted not only poker greats, but royalty and politicians such as Arnold Swartzenager.

Some fierce players showed for the event, including team PokerStars pro Katja Thater, Sorel Mizzi known in the online poker world as Imper1um, and Dario Minieri another member of Team PokerStars. Also in attendance was Gino Alacqua who finished second in the 2007 EPT event held in Prague cashing for a little over $500,000.

Mizzi didn’t make it through the first day, he got his money in good against

Minieri was hurt early in the day following a big hand with Swiss Poker player Claudio Rinaldi, he busted out pretty soon after that hand. Mizzi was also left short stacked and hard up by the Swiss poker player. Mizzi woke up to Ah-Qd against Rinaldi’s pocket ‘kowboys’ (KK) Rinaldi raised his monster pair, Mizzi reraised the big ace, Rinaldi three bet the pot. Mizzi didn’t see the power in the re-re-raise and pushed all in. Rinaldi made the call, Mizzi’s hand did not improve.

Mizzi had Rinaldi covered, though not by much, Mizzi busted out shortly thereafter.

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