PokerStars Sunday Million Winner: SNo0oWMAN

PokerStars Sunday MillionThis weeks Sunday Million at Pokerstars was their end of the month $500 buy-in event. This special increase buy-in didn’t hamper the turnout though as 3,192 poker players entered the event. Of these players 486 players would cash some of the $1,596,000 prize pool and $278,502 of that prize pool going to the winner.

This event to a remarkable 13 hours to complete to the end and the first plateau busted was the money bubble. Deejey39 was the bubble player at this event unfortunately going out in 487th. The next plateau, the final table was busted in grand style with roosterbill advancing and juice54 just missing the final table.

It was a small blind/big blind confrontation with the blinds 40,000/80,000. Roosterbill was in the small blind with 3,096,882 in chips and as it folded around, he raised it to 240,000. Juice54 was in the big blind with 1,904,432 left after posting the blind, went all-in over the top. Roosterbill called and flipped over Ks Kd, Juice54 showed Ac Kh. No ace fell and juice54 was sent home in 10th.

The final table consisted of:

Seat 1 – Sno0oWMAN with 3,852,448 in chips
Seat 2 – roosterbill with 5,153,314 in chips
Seat 3 – oogee with 2,941,884 in chips
Seat 4 – Suck My Ace with 1,653,349 in chips
Seat 5 – Kenjh with 4,769,215 in chips
Seat 6 – Demonrob with 1,388,896 in chips
Seat 7 – jonop56 with 6,770,084 in chips
Seat 8 – bateolrob with 4,399,840 in chips
Seat 9 – mjh0318 with 926,970 in chips

First off the table was Demonrob when he got all his chips in the middle on a rag flop with pocket queens. Roosterbill called with pocket 7’s. Unfortunately for Demonrob the turn brought a 7 and no help on the river sent him home in 9th.

It was long until mjh0318 made his move with Kd Jc and was called by Sno0oWMAN and AdQh. A queen on the flop was all it took to send mjh0318 home eighth. After a few more rounds it was Sno0oWMAN again but this time it was his Kd Jd eliminating jonop56 with Ah7d. A turned ace gave jonop56 the lead but also put 4 diamonds on the board, the river brought another diamond and jonop56 was eliminated 7th.
Sixth went to oogee as his AK was dominated by batoelrob and pocket aces. Three hands later it was Suck My Ace on the short stack and all in with Ac Th and was called by roosterbill and As Kd. This time AK held up and Suck My Ace finished 5th. Eleven hands later, Kenjh was all in with As 8s and it was AK again but this time batoelrob holding them that held up and left just three remaining.

Interestingly enough, unlike the previous Sunday Millions, no deals could be agreed on. Roosterbill finally got the best of batoelrob and it was heads up play between Sno0oWMAN and roosterbill and again no deal could be agreed on between the two.

The heads up play lasted 64 hands with the final one being a race between roosterbill’s pocket nines and Sno0oWMAN’s AJ off suit. The flop brought an ace and no more help for roosterbill, the first $500 buy-in for the Pokerstars Million in 2008 went to Sno0oWMAN.
Pokerstars Million final results:

1. SNo0oWMAN – $278,502
2. roosterbill – $140,607.60
3. batoelrob – $101,026.80
4. Kenjh – $79,800
5. Suck My Ace – $62,563.20
6. oogee – $46,2284
7. jonop56 – $33,516
8. mjh0318 – $21,067.20
9. Demonrob – $12,488.80

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