FTOPS IX Rides Into The Sunset: Full Tilt Poker Series Recap

It was a short, but intensely thrilling 11-days at Full Tilt Poker as the ninth installment of the 25-event Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS IX) has closed its final chapter, locked the door and ridden off into the sunset – at least until FTOPS X rolls around next year (and the crowd goes wild!).

The largest kudos of the series has to go to ‘dubbeemin’, who took down the FTOPS IX Main Event on the final day. Battling it out with ‘valleyho’ in heads-up, dubbeemin held the clear lead of more than 3-to-1 in chips when the final hand played out. The Flop – 9c-7c-6d – gave both players a strong Flush Draw, with valleyho hiding Kc-10c and dubbeemin the Qc-Jc. The Turn brought Ad, no help for dubbeemin, but when Jd fell on the River, he paired up to take the pot, the 1st place prize of $432,400, and the esteemed FTOPS IX Championship Title.

The FTOPS IX Main Event victory was certainly an admirable accomplishment, but the MVP of the entire Full Tilt Poker series went to Kevin ‘GetPWN4D’ Saul, winning the FTOPS IX Leaderboard competition by 61 points. Saul started things off with a 4th place victory in Event #12, followed by a 10th place finish in Event #16 and 2nd place in Event #17 to give him the clear lead throughout the remainder of FTOPS IX, ending with 500 points.

Saul’s only rival on the FTOPS IX Leaderboards was Yuval ‘yuvee04’ Bronshtein who gave an astounding performance worthy of the record books by becoming the first player in Full Tilt Poker history to win back-to-back FTOPS events. Bronshtein finished 1st in Events #14 and #15, which – even more amazingly – started on the same day, at the same time. The latter being a turbo style tournament, you simply have to commend such devout concentration. Bronshtein earned 200 Leaderboard points for each win, boosting him to 439 as the series came to an end.

Last but not least, we have to mention the biggest single-cash prize winner of FTOPS IX who was not the winner of the FTOPS Main Event, as one may reasonably assume, but rather ‘hAAydon’, winner of FTOPS IX Event #22. With a $2,500+$120 buy-in, the 2-day event saw 942 entries trumping the original $2mil GP to $2,355,000 – enough to pay a top prize of $541,650 to hAAydon for routing the competition.

Congratulations to all of you FTOPS IX winners out there who earned a combined total of well over $15 million. As the excitement slowly flickers like a candle flame with depleting air supply, we say a fond farewell to FTOPS IX; and to Full Tilt Poker, please do hurry back with the next, anticipated installment of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

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