Employees in Macau Banned from Visiting Premises Outside Work Hours

Casino staff at casinos in Macau are not allowed to enter and remain in any gambling facilities during their off hours, according to several local news outlets.

The Legislative Assembly of Macau will forbid the employees of Macau casinos to enter gaming facilities when they are not working, according to the amending Law No 10/2012. These will mainly be employees who are in charge of handling betting machines, cashiers, food and drink services, and security. All of them are now legally not allowed to set foot in gambling facilities when they are off duty.


Many people question whether this ban is practical as it is difficult to keep track of their whereabouts. However, the officials came up with an idea to randomly check employees every now and then in order to see whether they partake in gambling activities.

Paulo Martins Chan, Coordination Bureau (DICJ) Director, has stated that the agency had been hiring more professionals whose job was to inspect casinos and impose regulations. He added that casinos had to assist the process and help monitor the employees and whether they took part in gambling activities when they were not working. Finally, he added that third parties could report violations if they spot them as well.

Some of the earlier solutions for controlling who enters and exits the casino floor included using security cameras, and even using other technology such as facial recognition that would recognize casino workers and other unwanted people in the casino.

The only time when the casino workers would be allowed to enter the facility is during the first three days of the Lunar New Year. Other occasions when they can enter out of working hours is for special training for which they would require authorized permission.

The new law that would take effect by the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 also simplified the regulations regarding people who are below 21 and want to visit the casino.

There are a lot of critics for this law as it creates confusion in some cases. For example, assembly member Jose Pereira Coutinho stated that he was worried about the VIP rooms which are treated completely differently from the rest of the casinos. Furthermore, satellite casinos may present a problem as they are under different jurisdiction and will possibly have different legal status.

If people who are forbidden to gamble are caught in these activities are caught, they would have to pay up to MOP10,000 which is $1,240. However, these fines can also go as low as MOP1,000 which is approximately $124.

Once these changes take place, it will definitely be interesting to see whether the random checks would be effective or not. On the other hand, this should minimize potential gambling addiction of the employees of Macau casinos, if not eradicate it.

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