‘Habitual’ Gambling Problem of a Former K-Pop Taken to Court

December 31, 2018 Ryan Knuppel 0

Shoo is a former band-member of an all-girl K-pop group called S.E.S who also does a bit of acting. According to a news outlet from South Korean, Shoo is potentially facing a prison sentence of about three years if she gets convicted on charges that she spent KRW 790 million (which is roughly $707,000) on gambling in casinos in Macau in a period that lasted for two years. [….]

Voters in Arkansas Approve Casinos

November 9, 2018 Ryan Knuppel 0

Arkansas voters said “Yes” to four brand new casinos that should open in this state. They stated their will during the midterm elections as one of the things to be elected was the Issue 4 which dealt with these four casinos. [….]

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