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by TJ Gill

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    Welcome to 4Flush.com where we strive daily to bring you the latest breaking online gambling news, in addition to detailed, unbiased reviews of the best online gambling sites from around the world and the dirt on the worst sites as well.  We also analyze USA poker laws, including updated legal poker sites info out of Nevada and New Jersey.

    Our aim is to offer in depth information on the best online poker sites, casinos, sportsbooks, bingo and even bitcoin gambling sites too. We’ll show you the best sites to play at for ACTUAL cash, as well as direct you to sites on the Internet that have play money options.

    Real Money Gambling Websites in 2016

    If you’re looking to gamble online for real money, then you’ve come to the right place. Our staff includes original degenerate gamblers that have been around since long before online gambling hit the internet, as well as gamblers that are just into playing a game online during their downtime, as a way to break the monotony, and enjoy their time spent online.

    4Flush started out as a poker news resource, but has slowly branched out into reviewing casinos, posting strategy and even analyzing sports picks online (primarily during NFL season). We look forward to expanding the site with even more content and of course providing you with daily news updates in the world of gambling and especially the legalized online poker movement.

    Analyzing YOUR Options

    The ingredients that go into the best online casino or the perfect poker site aren’t the same for everyone. For instance, across the European Union countries are requiring that gambling sites become licensed locally to legally accept their players, so if you’re in France for instance, a site with a .fr extension that is legally licensed to operate within France is probably going to be the best site to suit. From there, we’d begin to look at other site features, until we finally narrowed our search down to the best French gambling sites for the particular game(s) that that player was interested in playing.

    real-money-gamblingFor the American gambler, it can be difficult just finding a site to play on where United States players are accepted. Once that goal is achieved, the next obstacle for US residents tends to be finding a compatible deposit option many payment processors that used to be mainstream in the USA are no longer options for Americans.  While there’s not a ton of legitimate sites out there 4Flush.com trusts, there are still some great rooms that offer different games like online poker, live dealer blackjack and slots that have been reviewed and can be found on our site.

    Those are both examples based on geography of course, which is just the tip of the iceberg when choosing new gambling sites. Casino players will want to compare their favorite games payout percentages, whereas poker players will want to know how much rake their contributing per hand they win. Every gambler should be looking into VIP programs, and the other freebies that are offered to online gamblers.

    So in short, finding a new online gambling site can truly be exhausting. We’re here to research all of those details for you, along with searching out the best and most lucrative bonus offers available in every corner of the world. We also dig deep into the history of every gambling site that we discuss on 4flush.com, investigating the sites reputation for security, and their longevity in the industry.

    Gambling in the UK/EuropeEuro coin on an EU flag

    If you’ve been following the changes in gambling law in Europe, you’re likely aware that laws are rapidly changing, casinos are opening, their closing, the entire industry is changing across the European Union.

    If you’re located in the UK or anywhere in Europe, we’re working behind the scenes, creating up to date articles that will keep you informed of the best places to play poker in the UK, as well as the best European online casinos, bingo sites, poker, and of course Sports books.

    As the gambling climate changes across Europe, we’re here to help you find the best European gambling sites as well. This section will be continually monitored, especially with the Cyrpus banking situation looking over many operators who process deposits and withdrawals through the small EU country.

    Gambling in Asia and Australia

    Australia flagWhile Europe is figuring out how to begin really regulating online poker, casino games, and all other forms of online gambling, the online gambling markets in Asia and Australia are blowing up. These are markets that were really ignored over the last decade for the most part, but that’s all changed. Check out our Asian gambling page below:

    >> Asian Gambling Information

    In fact, some of the most popular gambling sites have been pulling out of Europe and opening up shop in Asia. Our international pages have yet to cover this part of the globe, but in the meantime we have updated our gambling page for Australia as well.

    >> Australian Gambling Options

    USA Gaming Options

    USA Flag In the US, there are fewer gambling sites to play at in 2013 than there were a few years ago, and that list is ever-changing as well. For the average hobby gambler, it can be very difficult to keep up with what’s going on in the United States gambling market, and who wants to? Well we do.

    Here at 4flush.com we’re on top of which poker sites are scamming ripping off their players. With years of experience in the online gambling market behind us, we know where to play. Whether you’re into sports betting, poker, casino games – you name it, we can show you the safest places to play.

    For US gamblers, deposits & withdrawals are a big issue as well. What deposit options are safe, and which ones are not? What gambling sites can I trust, and which ones should I stay away from? We’ll get into all that, and steer you in the right direction.  Check out this current list of U.S. online casinos or check out our detailed page on gambling options throughout North America below:

    >> North American Gambling Options

    Mobile Gaming – The Wave of the Future

    mFortune iPhone CasinosMobile gambling is increasing in popularity by the second. Whether you’re using a tablet, an mobile phone that utilizes the Android OS, the iOS, or any other mobile device, you could be spinning slot machines, playing poker, or doubling down on 12 while you wait for whatever it is you have to wait for everyday. Most online gambling sites now offer some sort of mobile gambling. Some offer cell phone compatible casino games and/or sports betting, and some are starting to offer mobile poker as well.

    Now we can bet on sports, blackjack, craps, slots, and many other things via an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or almost any other type of smartphone or tablet. Cool stuff and we’ll be giving you all the details. If you’ve got Wi-Fi, you’ve got access to all your favorite gambling games, right now.


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