In this article, we’re going to discuss gambling in the United States, Canada and all over North American and North American Trusted Territories.

North American Countries

There are more than 1500 casinos located in the United States, making the US the casino capital of North America. Both Canada and Mexico also offer legal land based casino gambling. Legalized gambling can also be found on the Virgin Islands, a United States trust territory.

  • United StatesNorth America
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Belize
  • Bermuda (UK)
  • Greenland (Denmark)
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)

United States Casinos

USA FlagThe most popular places to gamble in the United States include Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, as well as Atlantic City, New Jersey. Almost every state has some sort of casino, slot parlor and/or some type of brick and mortar option for its citizens.  Local poker rooms are also popular in almost every state, although some aren’t exactly “legal” and are subject to law enforcement raids at any time.  The latter is a big reason why USA online casinos have flourished in the last 5 years.

In addition, there are countless tribal casinos that have been established by America’s original Native Americans.  For the tribes, these casinos are a multi-billion dollar a year business and open up tons of jobs for the state.  These tribal casinos are generally owned, operated, licensed and governed by Native American tribes, with oversight from the United States government as well.

USA Casinos and Legality
US Poker Laws and Sites to Play At

Casino Gambling in Canada

Canadian Casinos
Much like in the United States, the major casino market in Canada is located on tribal land and run by settlers of the original Native Americans of the country. Some of the best gamblers in the world are from Canada, including poker’s unofficial ambassador Daniel Negreanu.

The most popular casino gambling destination are located in Ontario,Canada, which hosts about 2 dozen of the countries roughly 100 casinos, race tracks, and other gambling establishments.

Canadian Casino Options

Virgin Island Casinos

US Virgian IslandsIn total there are 81 islands that make up the Virgin Islands. The three largest islands are St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix (not to be confused with St. Croix Wisconsin). Historically distinct Water Island and those three islands make up the main islands of the Virgin Islands leaving 77 smaller islands.

The allure of white sand beaches and seclusion has sparked a bit of a buzz in the Virgin Island Casino industry, getting the attention of major casino developers. As a result, there are new casinos being proposed on the islands more and more often. In addition to casino gambling, the islands are host the Randall ‘Doc’ James race track which hosts major greyhound races, as well as fast car races that host cars from all over the world. At current, there is just one casino located among the Virgin Islands, Carina Bay, which is located on St Croix.

Poker in North AmericaPoker in America

Poker has been played in North America since the days of the Gold Rush in the United States. The game was originally known as a back-of-the-bar game played by roughians and scallywags. On television the game is portrayed as a cheaters game, where bad beats often led to violence if not shooting.

Poker has come a long way since those days. This is largely in part to media attention that the World Series of Poker, the largest poker event in the United States if not in the entire world, received in 2002 when Chris Moneymaker, a man with a story the everyday guy could relate to, and a name that caught people’s attention won the World Series after having bought into a satellite tournament event online.

Poker has become a business to many people in North America, and a perfectly respectable hobby to millions of other players. The World Series of Poker, played annually at the Rio in Las Vegas Nevada in the United States is still the world’s most renowned poker tournament series event.

Bingo - North AmericaBingo in North America

Bingo is a game that is primarily popular among the older generation in North America. It’s more of a social game than a gambling game, though its players take their chance of winning very seriously. In many parts of America and Canada, bingo is legal in bingo halls only if it supports a specific charity.



Betting in North America

North America - betting slip

Most land-based casinos located throughout North America, outside of those in major gambling destinations don’t offer sports betting, track betting or any other form of punting. Bettors in Las Vegas or Atlantic City have a plethora of options available locally, and of course, online betters have dozens of options available at their fingertips.

Popular betting events in North America include Football, Basketball, Hockey and other sporting events in addition to political events, such as elections, racing, including grey hounds, horses, and all sorts of pari mutuel events, financials, and well, just about anything you can dream up.  South American countries like Colombia also bet on popular events like these, however, that page will be updated as gather more information on our neighbors to the south.

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