New Jersey State Senator Seeking Support for Legalized Sports Betting

FootballSportsBettingNew Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak is currently working on a plan to try and gain support for legalized sports betting within the state and across the nation. Atlantic City is currently struggling in the gaming department with several casinos having closed down this year and other facilities not seeing the best revenues and foot traffic. Lesniak announced just last week that he is now starting a campaign online to try and bring in support for sports betting in NJ as well as on a federal level.

The Senator is seeking signatures in an online campaign to try and demonstrate the support for the legalization of sports betting. The signatures are currently being gathered at the site and will include online advertising at various websites. A press release was created by Lesniak and sent out in regards to the campaign which read:

“The other professional sports leagues want their cake and eat it too as they profit from sports betting in many ways including through fantasy sports gaming and by the NFL playing five games next year in London where sports betting is legal, while in New Jersey our casinos shutter, our racetracks suffer and families lose breadwinners.” Lesniak further points out that the only other groups that profit by sports wagering are offshore gaming sites, organized crime and betting parlors of Las Vegas.

The campaign was created just after Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, showed his support for legalized sports wagering, hence the mention of ‘other professional sports leagues’. According to the NorthJersey Blog, the Senator is hoping that with the signatures for sports betting legalization, the other major sports leagues will show support as well, including Major League Baseball, the NFL, National Hockey League and the NCAA.

Signing the petition is easy by visiting the site. The site provides information on legalization of sports betting and offers you the chance to sign the petition. Simply stating a name, email and zip code is needed to sign the petition and the site also offers the option to explain why you feel why sports betting should be legalized in New Jersey and across the nation.


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