Top Olympian Michael Phelps Has Poker Issues

When you hear the name Michael Phelps, a few images come to mind: swimming, Gold Medals and the Olympics, but rarely the word poker, until now. Apparently the top Olympian has a poker problem and his ‘friends’ are worried about his addiction.

Phelps is now the best Olympian in the world after snagging 19 total Olympic medals and worth around $45 million. Supposed friends of Phelps have now ousted the swimmer as having a poker issue. The ‘friends’ spoke with the National Enquirer and stated that they are afraid the Olympian will spend all his money on cards.

The Daily Mail quoted the ‘friend’ as stating: “All Michael thinks about is gambling. Michael has a ‘don’t quite until you win’ attitude which was great while he was swimming but could be costly playing poker.” the source also stated that the swimmer as spent hundreds of thousands playing the game of poker and they are afraid that now he is a retired swimmer, the game of poker will be all he will think about.

Phelps has played poker for some time now and has gained many friends in the industry including Phil Hellmuth, Jeff Gross and Josh Brikis, just to name a few. Even when Phelps made major news by taking a hit off a bong, he was at poker pro Carter King’s house.

Despite the ‘friends’ worries, it is seriously a long shot for the Olympian to become severely addicted to the game of poker. Most likely, the friend just wanted a little publicity and got his statements in the paper for a bit of cash. It will be interesting to see if Phelps comments on the recent interview that his supposed friend had with the press.

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