The Three Main Events on Day 35 of the 2022 WSOP

Three events took place at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas on the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Day 35. The $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty’s last two flights ended and allowed the remaining players to take part in the $1 million bounty prize draw. The Main Event had over 1,200 entrants while the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship had five finalists.

1. The 2022 WSOP Event No. 70:$10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event

Day 1B of the event had 1,245 entrants who were reduced to 634 players after the first five levels. Its total attendance stood at 2,145 as it had two other flights. The Main Event has piqued the interest of many people that it has prompted WSOP officials to change its schedule to accommodate more entrants.

Patrick Hagenlocher had 332,800 chips at the end of Day 1b hence being the stack lead. He isn’t a regular player in live poker tournaments but his performance at the Main Event amazed his rail. This was his third time playing in the “Big Dance” even though he has never advanced past Day 3.

Ognjen Sekularec and Paul Michaelis bagged the top ten stacks. Players who proceeded to Day 2abc included Michael Gagliano, Luuk Gieles, Andre Akkari, and Roland Israelashvili, each of them having over 125,000 chips as the average stack was 111,000 chips.

The event’s top chip counts included the following:

1.Patrick Hagenlocher from the U.S.-332,800 chips or 416 big blinds
2.Matthias Kribben from Germany-268,100 chips or 335 big blinds
3.Julien Loire from France-254,100 chips or 318 big blinds
4.Daniel Zogman from the U.S-253,100 chips or 316 big blinds
5.Linglin Zeng from China-239,900 chips or 300 big blinds
6.Ognjen Sekularec from Croatia-223,200 chips or 279 big blinds
7.Guilhrme Garcia from brazil-217,500 chips or 272 big blinds
8.Paul Michaelis from Germany-213,700 chips or 267 big blinds
9.Caleb Henson from the U.S.-213,000 chips or 266 big blinds
10. Phuoc Nguyen from the U.S.-205,000 chips or 256 big blinds

2. The $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty

Days 1c and 1d of Event No. 68:$1,000 Million Dollar Bounty ended on July 4. About 4,269 entrants played on Day 1c and 232 of them advanced to Day 2.

Joseph Cheong had 2,415,000 on Day 1c and it was the third biggest stack. David McGowan had 2,265,000 chips and turned them into a huge stack. Ismail Abou Sharkh was the stack leader with 2,800,000 chips as Gabriel Schroeder followed him closely with 2,545,000 chips.

Top chip counts in the event’s Day 1c included:

1. Ismail Abou Sharkh from the U.S.-2,800,000 chips or 70 big blinds
2. Gabriel Schroeder from brazil-2,545,000 chips or 64 big blinds
3. Joseph Cheong from the U.S.-2,415,000 chips or 60 big blinds
4. David McGowan from the U.S.-2,265,000 chips or 57 big blinds
5. Cory Smith from the U.S.-2,100,000 chips or 53 big blinds
6. Gennaro Proscia from Italy-2,050,000 chips or 51 big blinds
7. Spencer Champlin from the U.S.-1,890,000 chips or 47 big blinds
8. Jerry Fang from the U.S.-1,820,000 chips or 46 big blinds
9. Benjamin Sim from the U.S.-1,685,000 chips or 42 big blinds
10. Benjamin Steinwachs from the U.S.-1,600,000 chips or 40 big blinds

3. Shiva Dudani Is the Chip Leader in Event No. 69:$10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Championship

Shiva Dudani leads the pack in the championship with 15,650,000 chips as it heads to its final day. Michael Duek followed him with 9,405,000 chips. Tom Hu, Joachim Haraldstad and Sean Troha made the rest of the table. Each of them is assured of winning at least $289,630 and they are eyeing the $1,246,770 first-place prize.

The event’s chip counts included:

1. Shiva Dudani from the U.S.-15,650,000 chips or 130 big blinds
2. Michael Duek from Argentina-9,405,000 chips or 78 big blinds
3. Tom Hu from the U.S.-7,330,000 chips or 61 big blinds
4. Sean Troha from the U.S.-5,045,000 chips or 42 big blinds
5. Joachim Haraldstad from Norway-3,580,000 chips or 30 big blinds

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