Sisolak Signs Law that Requires Casino Security Plans

All casinos that are located in the Las Vegas area will have to submit emergency response plans after the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, signed off a bill that puts additional responsibilities on casinos. That created a sort of pressure that would make all LV casinos promise to improve the safety of their patrons.

The bill was dubbed Bill 69, and it was recently approved by both the Senate and the Assembly. It strictly says that all casinos which are in the area of Las Vegas must update their emergency plans on an annual base before November 1. Furthermore, the bill recommends a special task force that would have to oversee and review the security plans made by casinos. Finally, the bill suggests including new ways of funding electrical systems for tracking emergency plans.


All of the recommendations have but one intention in mind, and that is to provide support for the Nevada Resort Planning Task Force, which is an agency created as a response for the shooting at Mandalay Bay when 58 people were murdered. In other words, at the time the task force was created, some of the security plans from Las Vegas casinos hadn’t been reviewed for approximately five years, meaning that there was room for potential security gaps.

Should a casino in Las Vegas fail to update their emergency plans by November 1, the Task Force will have a job to send a report to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which will take the necessary steps to urge and punish the casino for failing to meet the deadline. Fines could be monetary, and, in extreme cases, could end up in license suspension. Ultimately, casinos can even lose the right to operate in Nevada.

The Bill Goes Beyond Casinos

However, casinos are not the only ones targeted by the bill. According to Sisolak, the legislation would “strengthen” the requirements related to emergency response plans across a wide range of venues, including schools, hotel resorts, and even entire cities and counties. The primary aim of the legislation is to increase the safety of all residents of Nevada and the visitors alike.

All the emergency plans must consist of a map that includes a detailed overview of the casino building and the grounds belonging to a casino. There must be detailed access descriptions, including various routes that would be taken in the case of an evacuation. In other words, casinos must include a detailed evacuation plan in the case of an emergency. Finally, all casinos must provide an employee list. The people on that list would be in charge of maintaining compliance when it comes to emergencies.

Both Republicans and Democrats joined forces to come up with legislation that would propose a new approach to creating security plans after the Mandalay Bay incident. That may be an extra outcome to the operators, but it is something that must be done in order to ensure the safety of all the people.

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