Dawley’s Unforgettable Hand in 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event

With the World Series of Poker underway, poker sites have been updating their news pages and blogs with pieces of news about this event. However, we decided to take a rest from WSOP this time and wanted to talk about some of the unforgettable hands in poker. This time, the main poker player who will talk about their hand is Jessica Dawley. She stated in an article that there is one hand she particularly remembers, and it took place at the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event.

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After only 23 players were left in the Main Event of this popular tournament, Dawley had to face Stephen Friedlander, who had been complaining all along the way that he couldn’t have beaten Dowley in poker. Therefore, the two players had a very specific type of dynamic, and their approach to playing against each other was rather unique.

The Hand Action

The action of that memorable hand started when Friedlander was on the button and decided to min-raise. The blinds at that moment were set at 5,000/10,000 and included a 1,000 ante. Dawley had a seven and a six of clubs and decided to call in the small blind. She stated in the Poker News article that she would have done something different, had she had an opportunity to play the same hand again.

The flop showed an eight of clubs and two sevens, meaning that Dowley had a three of a kind with sevens, and even a possibility to create a straight. The turn showed a ten of hearts, and Dawley was in for 45,000. Friedlander decided to further raise his bet to 160,000, and Dowley though for a brief moment, shoving all 800,000 in total.

At that point, Friedlander was now convinced that he was going to win, and he thought that Dowley was not bluffing. However, he was doing pretty well himself as he tabled a Jack and a ten, meaning he had a pair of tens and a gut-shot straight draw. At that point, Dowley stood up as she couldn’t wait for the river. The river, sadly, turned out to be another ten, making Friedlander win the hand. He added that she had been pretty devastated about the hand and that she would remember it for the rest of her life since she had been so far ahead.

Dawley eventually improved her skills a lot. She continued grinding over the years and took part in many cash games and WSOP events every summer. In 2018, her hard work finally paid off as she played in the Ladies’ Championship and won the first prize of $130,230, in addition to the first gold bracelet. She added that the bracelet was her redemption for the hand that she had played against Friedlander and lost.

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