Circus Circus Provides Coin-Operated Slots as D Las Vegas Enjoys a Sigma Derby

Circus Circus is the Las Vegas Strip’s only casino that is providing coin-operated slots. Traditional three-reel devices have been faced out in Southern Nevada’s most casino resorts and in other states in the country. Yet, Circus Circus is determined to offer more slots in the future.

The casino recently added more games in its coin slots. Its officials stated that the update would cost about $30 million and it will mostly concentrate on returning the casino to its 1970s and 1980s heydays. Back then, it was a popular gaming destination for budget seekers as it had coin-in slots.

Circus Circus has consistently provided coin-operated slots. It said that the transformation will increase its traditional terminals.
Phil Ruffin, a notable billionaire, owns the resort. Also, he has a 50 percent share in Trump Las Vegas and regulates Treasure Island. The entrepreneur has brought high denominational coin-operated slot machines into the casino.

Circus Circus’s clients can wager on coin-operated slot games by placing $1 to $5 bets in each play session. The gaming operator claims that reel games are among the Strip’s loosest terminals as they have a 97.4 percent payback on average.

Nostalgic Moments

Las Vegas slots haven’t involved players putting physical coins in terminals and machines disbursing tokens after hitting a winning pay line for many years. Today’s machines take cash and disburse winning tickets which players can redeem at casino cashier cages.

The casino will offer visitors who like having nostalgic betting moments playing with real coins many choices. D Las Vegas alongside Circus Circus has unique coin-operated games in Vegas’ history.

The D has a Sigma Derby with a horse racing game that excites gamblers as it allows them to select two horses that will finish a five-horse race as first or second. Every horse is marked from number 1 to 5 and his odds change randomly in each race.

Once the wagers are presented, the toy horses compete on a track, and their finishing order is revealed after a short period. Las Vegas gaming officials have said for over a decade that its visitors enjoy lucky stays in the town if the first bets in the trips are on the Sigma Derby horse race.

The Sigma Derby game was popular in each Las Vegas Strip casino in the past. But it currently operates in D Las Vegas only. Derek Stevens owns it and brought a classic game to the casino a decade ago.

Stevens said that they wanted to create a vintage feel on the second floor when they purchased Fitzgerald’s. He has always loved Sigma Derby as it suits their vibe. The Circa and D owners informed reporters that the game has many fans and he is glad to have invested in it to ensure that the horses trooped in the past decade.

Coin Slots in Downtown

Two gaming operators in Las Vegas still provide traditional games even though Circus Circus is the only casino on the Strip that offers coin-operated slots. They include the El Cortez and California casinos. The ticket-in, ticket-out technology (TITO) replaced coin-run gaming because it helps casinos reduce their operational overhead and track each player better.

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