Stones Gambling Hall Dismisses Cheating Accusations

Stones Gambling Hall is the famous property where Mark Postle allegedly engaged in a poker cheating scam. While this poker scandal is peaking, many are pointing fingers at Stones, claiming that the property may have played its part in the process.

However, the gambling hall filed a motion to dismiss the civil suit that is currently pending. Stones’ team claims that they have no liability in the matter. Moreover, their main argument is that there’s no real proof that cheating occurred in the first place.

In a statement published on Wednesday in the Sacramento Bee, the Stones officials stated that they had found “no evidence that indicates there was cheating” in the poker games where Postle took part.

The Official Documents Dismiss the Lawsuit

According to a court document which can be found using public record search, the main attorney supporting the company is Mark Mao. He filed a motion that has the goal to dismiss the suit on behalf of the Stones’ parent company called King’s Casino LLC. Mao asked to dismiss the lawsuit regarding Stones and listed several reasons to support his claim.

Essentially, the main reason that is listed as support to dismiss the claim was that Stones didn’t actually have any incentive to allow Postle to cheat in poker. According to the document, Stones only provides a poker platform where games can take place, and it is up to patrons to decide how they want to play every hand.

Another claim is that nobody can actually prove whether there was damage as there is no possible way to prove who would have won. Moreover, there’s no way to prove how much money other players would have won if cheating really did occur.

Finally, the motion also aimed those who sought damages from alleged cheating. Basically, it says that the lack of success in poker doesn’t mean that there was cheating going on.

Mac VerStanding is the attorney for the plaintiffs, and he stated for Sacramento Bee that he is ready to stand up to the motion and oppose it. He stated that he “found it regrettable” that the motion portrayed his clients as “sore and frustrated losers.”

He added that they were looking forward to making a legal response to the motion through the judicial process.

The date set for a hearing is April 16.

What About Postle?

The main antagonist in the whole poker cheating scandal is definitely Mike Postle, who has been accused of cheating in a live-streamed poker game. Many poker players analyzed his actions and came to the conclusion that there was cheating going on, but nobody is yet able to prove how it happened.

So far, Stones has been actively avoiding court summons. Nevertheless, he has a deadline of March 24 to file a response to the suit made by the plaintiffs. We’ll keep you updated about the further development of the situation.

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