Police Arrest Armed Robber Who Stole Blackjack Winnings

Police from Prince William, Va., had a really turbulent day on March 3 when they finally got their hands on a man who was connected to an armed robbery that took place in December.

The robbery and shooting happened at the MGM National Harbor casino that is located in Maryland, and it involved a couple of robbers following and robbing a man, stealing his blackjack winnings for that night.

According to the announcement made by the police, the arrested man is just one of the robbers, and they are currently searching for two others that are connected to the robbery.

What Happened in December?

The victim was a 33-year-old man who had had a pretty good night at the casino on Dec. 19. Namely, after playing blackjack, the victim walked out with a total of $39,000 in his pocket. However, what he was unaware of was that there was a group of robbers trailing him and every step he made.

According to the surveillance footage, there was a group of men following the lucky winner on his way out of the casino.

The blackjack winner wasn’t alone, as he was traveling along with his friends. They entered the car and stopped at a gas station at Woodbridge, Va. As soon as they exited their vehicle, a group of masked robbers approached them from a car that stopped in the driveway right behind them.

The robbers started shooting, taking money from the victim and leaving him with several wounds in his body. His friends were also robbed but were left unharmed.

As soon as the police and ambulance arrived, they found the victim with life-threatening injuries in the upper body. He was immediately transferred to the hospital, where he had recovered and was released.

The police managed, therefore, to locate one man who is in connection with this robbery and shooting. A person named Javontae Renard Smallwood, 27, was arrested on March 3 and was charged with several counts.

First of all, there one count of aggravated malicious wounding. Next, he was charged with two counts of the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Finally, he was charged with two counts of armed robbery.

The good news is that the names of the other two robbers are also known by the police, and they are Tavon Everett Lee Vines, 27, and Daquan Artis Tinker, 23. Both of these men are known to be residents of Washington, D.C.

Just like their partner in crime, both of them are sought on five counts in total — one of aggravated malicious wounding, and two for use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and armed robbery.

Since the police know pretty much everything about the remaining two robbers, it is only a matter of time when they are going to show up and get arrested. Until then, make sure nobody follows you after you win big money in a casino!

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