A Man from Milwaukee Robbed After Winning Two Jackpots

Sometimes luck works in mysterious ways, and a man from Milwaukee seems to have been the focus of the higher forces for the last couple of days. He entered the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino on June 3 and managed to win a jackpot worth $12,000. However, he decided to test his luck again on June 5 and went to the casino one more time, winning an even higher jackpot – $13,000. He stated that he had been really excited about his wins, as winning two jackpots in three days is not really a common sight.

Christopher Czarnecki did not have a reason to celebrate, though, as his money was soon stolen from a safe that he had bought to store his jackpot cash. He and his roommate, Hunter Marks, were very cautious with telling people about Christopher’s good fortune. However, one of them must have told that the wrong person as the money soon disappeared from the safe.


How the Robbery Took Place

It was Saturday night when the two of them heard a knock on the door that seemed aggressive, and they both knew that something was not right at that point. Marks stated that the door had been ajar when he had gone downstairs and that there had been a masked person with a pistol standing in front of their place. Furthermore, Marks added that he had nearly been hit in the mouth with the pistol.

Czarnecki saw that something wasn’t right and noticed Marks, who was trying to fight off the robbers. He stated that he had first seen one person with a gun and then two more had entered behind him.

The robbers first hit Marks in his head and then zip-tied him and his 77 years old mother. Next, they grabbed Czarnecki and tied him and his girlfriend in plastic ties. After that, Czarnecki was made by the robbers to open his safe, and they took the money. They locked Czarnecki and other people in a bedroom and pushed a stove in order to barricade the door. Soon after that, the robbers exited the front door and ran away. Czarnecki and Marks were wast to kick the door open, but it was too late as the robbers had already escaped.

However lucky, Czarnecki made a crucial mistake of telling people and bringing the money home. He added that if he won a huge amount of money, he would go to the bank first in order to secure it.

According to this article, Milwaukee Police are still actively investigating the case of robbery and are looking for any additional clues that would help them get on the track of the suspects.

Moreover, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino stated that they provided safety and security for all guests, including all the jackpot winners, and that it is their highest priority. Furthermore, they provide security escorts for jackpot winners to their vehicles, which is something that all casinos should practice. The casino staff is also collaborating with Milwaukee PD in order to put a stop to any misconduct in and around the casino.

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