PPA Parties with the Democratic Party to Legalise Poker

It appears as if the Democratic Party is going to be really having a party at their next convention. Members of congress are going to be able to listen to Kanye West sing at an all expense paid party that is being sponsored by the recording industry.

If that isn’t enough there are also many other activities attendees can participate in. If they are looking for a hot game of cards then they can play poker with Ben Affleck in a tournament being thrown by members of the Poker Players Alliance.

Since proceeds from the tournament will be going to the Paralyzed Veterans of America the Poker Lobby can foot the bill for the event. There are going to be members of the PPA, around 200 professional poker players, lawmakers, aides and delegates participating in the tournament.

The players will start out with 5,000 in chips for the four hour tournament and all of the winnings from the tournament will be donated to the veterans group. When asked about the poker tournament a spokeswoman for the alliance said that the event complies with the law, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Because proceeds will go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the poker lobby can pick up the tab for the event and attend along with about 200 poker celebrities, lawmakers, aides and delegates. Guests will be given $5,000 worth of chips for the four-hour tournament, with the winnings going to the veterans group. A spokeswoman for the alliance says the event complies with the law.

Those wanting a more active sport can try for a home run on the Colorado Rockies team’s Coors Field courtesy of the AT&T Corporation. Just want to sit and relax at the convention, well the liquor industry has you covered. Just sit back and sip a free drink while you enjoy a cigar.

These perks should be a thing of the past since there are new ethic laws and rules that both chambers of Congress adopted in 2007 that are aimed at weakening the links between lawmakers and lobbyists. The rules included an attempt to ban corporations and lobbyists from throwing such parties for members at national political conventions.

But when the new rules went into effect lawmakers started changing the guidelines and looked for loop holes in the guidelines so they could get around them. So simply put despite changes in the rules politicians and lobbyists can still say party on as they are now getting ready to attend approximately 400 of some of the biggest parties of the year.

The Democratic Party isn’t alone in thier partying after their gathering in Colorado and the Republican party will be getting together to party the following week in St. Paul.

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