FTOPS IX Day 9, ‘jobless23’ Finishes On Top

Full Tilt Poker hosted 3 FTOPS IX (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) events yesterday, rather than the originally scheduled Events #18 and #19. Due to a multiple hour laps of ‘Voided’ tournaments earlier in the week, Event #13 was postponed until yesterday. Boosted prize pools included, Full Tilt Poker paid out more than $830k in FTOPS IX prize money.

Among the FTOPS IX events winners, ‘jobless23’ had the biggest day, taking down Event #18 for nearly $70,000. Event #19 went to ‘Rizz13’ for $63k, while the first prize in un-regularly scheduled Event #13, $45k, was awarded to ‘Dukatos’.

FTOPS IX Event #13 – $216 PL H.A., $200k GTD
Hosted by Max Pescatori, FTOPS IX Event #13 got underway at 3:30pm as 913 players joined in the action. Switching from PL Hold’em to PL Omaha at each blind increase, the tables slowly shrunk until the final nine remained. It took less than 7 hours to finalize heads-up play as ‘Dukatos’ and ‘Allin4Narnia’ duked it out for the top prize. ‘Dukatos’ finally prevailed, claiming $45,000 for the 1st place victory. The 2nd place prize of $28,500 went to ‘Allin4Narnia’.

FTOPS IX Event #13 Final Table Results
1st – Dukatos – $45,000
2nd – Allin4Narnia – $28,500
3rd – PostflopAction – $21,100
4th – ChipSteela – $16,500
5th – SwoopAE – $12,500
6th – RubbishPlayer – $9,000
7th – pokerded – $6,000
8th – sun2 – $4,500
9th – mross03 – $3,200

FTOPS IX Event #18 – $535 NL Hold’em Shootout, $300k GTD
A field of 662 converged on the tables of FTOPS IX Event #18 as host Andy Black was on hand to watch the action unfold. The $300k GTD jumped to $331,000. Another relatively quick tournament ensued, lasting a mere 6 hours before ‘m_reed05’ and ‘jobless23’ wiped out ’zelik’ to battle it out in heads-up. When the smoke cleared, ‘jobless23’ was left standing to pocket the 1st place prize of $69,510 – the largest purse of FTOPS IX Day 9. ‘m_reed05’ took home $46,340 as the 2nd place victor.

FTOPS IX Event #18 Final Table Results
1st – jobless23 – $69,510
2nd – m_reed05 – $46,340
3rd – zelik – $33,100
4th – AlexB81 – $24,825
5th – Catenaccio – $18,205
6th – zekulya – $13,240
7th – mreki88 – $9,268
8th – jonpijonpi – $6,289
9th – MattSuspect – $4,468.50

FTOPS IX Event #19 – $322 Mixed Hold’em (6-Max), $300k GTD
In the final FTOPS IX event of the evening, hosted by the unsullied poker skills of Full Tilt Pro Erick Lindgren, a respectable field of 1,019 took to the tables; just enough to boost the $300k GTD by an extra $5,700. The longest event of the day, it took little more than 9 hours to reveal a winner as ‘Rizz13’ routed his heads-up opponent, ‘castellimich’, to take the 1st place purse of $63,738.

A notable 4th place finish went to Team Full Tilt’s David Chui, 4 time WSOP Bracelet winner. In 2008, Chui came back to defeat Full Tilt Pro Gus Hansen for the 2008 WTP World Championship title, worth $3.4 million.

FTOPS IX Event #19 Final Table Results
1st – Rizz13 – $63,738.45
2nd – Castellimich – $42,492.30
3rd – LegacyRik – $30,264.30
4th – David Chui – $22,621.80
5th – nevadabob0 – $16,202.10
6th – Stubblefield – $10,398.80

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