Pot Limit Omaha Upstaging The Online Poker World

Since the advent of online poker, Texas Hold’em has been the irresistible reigning king of the industry. Omaha Hold’em was always the distant second, barely visible on the horizon by comparison. As of lately, though, it would seem Pot Limit Omaha is making more than a respectable mark on the online poker industry.

Pot Limit Omaha has closed the enormous popularity gap, becoming what some have called a current “fad”. Especially at high stakes cash tables, more and more players – including the most esteemed pros – have put their Texas Hold’em play on the back burner to partake in Pot Limit Omaha games.

With that said, let’s go over a brief description of how to play Pot Limit Omaha.

Omaha is played in the same manner as Texas Hold’em, using Small Blind and Big Blind bets, Hole Cards and Community Cards. The only real difference is the way Hole Cards and Community Cards must be combined, and of course the ‘Pot Limit’ restrictions.

Players get 4 Hole Cards to start, not just two. The usual 5 Community Cards are dealt to the table as a hand progresses. However, each player must combine exactly 2 of his own Hole Cards with exactly 3 Community Cards to develop the strongest possible hand.

The Pot Limit rule defines the maximum wager that can be placed at any given time. The minimum wager is always equal to the Big Blind. The maximum bet/raise is always equal to the current size of the pot. For example, if the pot has $5 in it, the max bet/raise is $5. If $5 is placed, the pot raises to $10, dually raising the max bet/raise to $10.

As in most any other poker variant, the player with the strongest hand after the last betting round wins the pot.

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