Poker After Dark – Mike Matusow First Out Again

Sam Grizzle Poker After DarkJean-Robert Bellande and Phil Hellmuth started off right where they left off…arguing. It began with the last hand at the end of the first show.

Hellmuth bet the river on a bluff and Bellande called. Hellmuth said “You got it” and Bellande was arguing that if Hellmuth mucks his cards (which he didn’t) he can win without showing his cards.

Hellmuth was arguing etiquette and that proper etiquette would be to show your cards, not slow roll, and take the pot. The general consensus was that you have to show your hand to win the pot. Bellande still argued the fact that if Phil’s hand hit the muck he would win.

The main argument was about proper poker etiquette though and according to Hellmuth, in the “old” days this would not be an issue, it’s the new guys that don’t respect the game.

After that died down it seemed Sam Grizzle would take over in that slow southern draw telling story after story keeping everyone entertained. That wasn’t enough though; they did have to play poker and it was Mike Matusow on the short stack and having to make a move.

Ironically it was pocket nines again (which lost him a lot chips to begin with) that he went all-in with and this time it was the pocket queens of Shawn Sheikhan to make the call. Uncannily, like the earlier hand with Phil Hellmuth, Sheikhan flops a set and turns a full house to eliminate Matusow. Mike is now 0-7 at the Poker After Dark tournaments.

In a moment of gallantry, Sam Grizzle stood up for Matusow after he was eliminated first and on his way out the door saying,

“Mike, in your defense, I’ll take up for ya, ladies and gentleman he was double parked and tickets are high around here.”

With Phil Hellmuth in the chip lead and talking it up on how he is going the take out Shawn Sheikan the major hand of this show starts to unfold. Phil limps with A-Q off suit from under the gun and the everyone calls till Shawn who raises in the big blind with Ks-Kh. Phil calls and every one else folds.

With a flop of 10d-4c-10h both players check. The turn brings the Qs and Shawn bets out $12,000 and Phil calls. Phil has been talking about how he will keep calling Shawn’s bets till he takes all his chips since play began. The river brings the 2h and Shawn Sheikhan bets $10,000 which Phil Hellmuth again calls and to his surprise, looses the pot.

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