Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Event #2 Journey

Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players in the world, and he decided to take part in the World Series of Poker that takes place on the web right now. He is there right from the start, and even uses his YouTube channel and other social media to talk about his experiences at the tournament.

In fact, he even released a video talking about his plans regarding the WSOP. That’s why his WSOP journey is always interesting, and this one is no exception, despite the fact that it takes place on the web.

One of the events where Negreanu managed to go on a deep run was Event #2: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed Deepstack, which attracted 919 entrants who created the prize pool of $873,050. The prize for winning this event was $168,586 and a gold bracelet. That’s why the entire poker world got really excited when “DNegs” showed that he is serious about running deep.

Two hands were very important for him in this event. In one, he got lucky — the other wasn’t lucky for his opponent. Let’s take a look at them.

Negreanu Gets Lucky

When the event was at Level 32, Negreanu faced Mark Ioli. He immediately decided to move all in under the gun, and Ioli called it from big blind.

“DNegs” had a QJ of clubs in his pocket, while Ioli had KQ of diamonds. Then, Negreanu managed to flop another Jack (in addition to 4 and 6 of spades). The turn gave the Ace of hearts, and the river displayed a deuce of hearts.

Ioli failed to improve despite having a better hand at the beginning of the round. That’s when Negreanu realized that he got extremely lucky, managing to win the hand with a pair of Jacks.

Kid Poker Hits the Rail

Event #2 was not meant to be for Negreanu, even though he made a deep run. One of the most important hands for his downfall was against Matthew Mendez at Level 33. Negreanu decided to open-jam UTG for 763,876, and Mendez increased the bet to 2,002,612 from the small blind.

Negreanu had a pair of nines in his pocket, but that wasn’t enough as Mendez held a pair of tens. The community cards did not help either of the two players improve, so Mendez was the one to celebrate in the end. Negreanu had to leave the game in 18th place, and won a total of $5,839 for his effort.

Negreanu continued to play in Event #3, where he also made it to the money list. He basically plans to play every WSOP event that will take place this year on the web.

WSOP Online started on July 1 and will last until September 6. During that time, players will have an opportunity to take part in 84 events that will award gold bracelets to the winners. Apart from that, every event comes with a hefty guaranteed prize.

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