Poker After Dark Dream Table

Poker After DarkAfter winning a Full Tilt Poker Freeroll Ken Light was asked who his 10 utmost favorite professional poker players were.

NBC then got 5 of them to sit with him at the opening table of the $20,000 buy-in winner take all Poker After Dark season three. Now it was time for Ken Light to find out if playing your favorite poker pros on a shorthanded table for $120,000 was a dream or a nightmare, the event, a poker players dream table was televised on by NBC.

Ken Lights dream table will consists of:

Seat 1: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 2: Phil Hellmuth
Seat 3: Jennifer Harman
Seat 4: Mike Matusow
Seat 5: Scotty Nguyen
Seat 6: Ken Light

This amateur poker player chose to sit with a combined 19 WSOP bracelet winners and three of arguably the biggest “talkers” in the game with Negreanu, Hellmuth and Matusow. In the very first hand, Hellmuth has AKs, Harmon wins it with JJ and Negreanu and Matusow talked the entire time, non stop.

About 4 hands in though, with them still talking it up, Light plays his first hand limping with Qd9d, Harman calls in the SB with KdJc and Matusow checks the BB with Qh 9s. The flop came 6c As Kc and Light bets $600, Harman calls and Matusow folds. The turn 4s, Jennifer checks and Ken checks. The river brought the 10s and Jennifer again checks and Ken takes one more stab at the pot and bets $1000.

Jennifer takes awhile to think and go back over the hand in her head as amateur poker player sits stoically. She proclaims, “I don’t know what to do here, I have no idea how you play.” She thinks a while longer and mentions that it will cost $1000 to see how he plays, and calls. Light was just that close to winning with a good bluff.

As the cards are turned over the table looks a little stunned at the bluff attempt and it was Matusow who summed up the reasoning rather quickly talking about Light,

“He comes right on in here trying to bluff, figure whom am I gonna try and bluff first? Oh, the weak girl, we’ll try her first,” which gets a smile from Light and a laugh from the table.

Maybe a little nervous, overwhelmed or just his nature but Ken is quit so far at the table (at least on air) but does show a little inexperience when it is folded to him in the SB with Ad5c , he throws out an oversized chip but doesn’t declare raise against Daniel Negreanu in the BB with Jd8d. Of course Daniel is gracious and tries to help, after pointing out the error,


“I’ll raise for ya, if you promise not to reraise.”

Ken was still showing nerves after checking down the hand on a 9h Ac Jc 10c 2c board declares he had a pair of aces when he actually hit the flush. In a mid-game talk with Marianela Pereyra though he claims he was pretty comfortable at the table and the bluff with Jennifer was a way to,


“Show them I was capable of it”

Poker fans will have to wait and see what Ken is capable of as the week progresses.

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