A Stop To The UIGEA? Amendment Set For Thursday

Back in April, Congressmen Barney Frank (Mass.) and Ron Paul (Texas) co-sponsored a bill aimed at halting the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. The United States bill, HR 5767, in its current form, would essentially do just that.

According to IGN, a source in Washington D.C. who is well acquainted with legislation told them back in April, “If enacted, the bill would strip the UIGEA of any practical effect.”

HR 5767 was created with the intention of prohibiting the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve from “proposing, prescribing or implementing” any of the regulations laid out in the UIGEA.

It is not yet clear how the bill will be amended, but all eyes from the online gambling industry have surely been aimed at Washington, awaiting the latest news from the amendment of HR 5767. The amendment was scheduled for Thursday, June 19.

The only updates coming out of Washington at this time are that the bill is now in the “mark-up” phase at the House Financial Services Committee. The next step for the HR 5767 bill –nearly two-years down a long and pot-hole ridden road that began in October of 2006, when the UIGEA was unscrupulously attached to an unrelated port security bill and passed in the wee hours of the night – is to be delivered to the House of Representatives.

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