No Poopy Patties Produced for Burlington, NC’s Cow Patty Bingo

A scheduled game of Cow Patty Bingo was postponed Saturday after a lack of patties produced by the cows (Candice and Lew). The bingo game has been rescheduled for August 16th.

If you are not familiar with Cow Patty Bingo, it is an American Red Cross fund raiser. Cow Patty Bingo tickets were sold for $10 per person (all proceeds going to the Piedmont Carolina Chapter of the Red Cross) with the chance of winning $1,000! There is a bingo grid laid out behind the third base bleachers in the Burlington Royals Stadium. They bring in two cows(as you may know, cows have 4 stomachs), this year Candice and Lew were the lucky cows, to walk around and leave patties behind. But to everyone’s surprise and disappointment, no patties were left.

People that enter choose a square and if one of the cows completely poops or the majority of the poop is in their square they win $1,000! Unfortunately Lew and Candice seemed to be having some constipation problems. They both roamed the bingo grid for more than two hours without producing any patties.

The general opinion was that the problem may have been that the cows are too familiar with humans, they are both cared for by Megan Mann. Mann admits that she often rides Lew like a horse and that she is kind of her baby. So the solution that the Red Cross has come up with is to find different cows for the rescheduled Cow Patty Bingo game on an August 16th.

If you are in the Burlington, North Carolina area and have never heard of or been a part of a fun game of Cow Patty Bingo, you are guaranteed to witness a very original version of bingo, and it goes to help those in need. How much more fun could it get?

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