Sticks & Stones…. Might Make Me $500,000 – Foxwoods Casino Sued for Bilingual Insults.

According to news reports a group of women from Long Island New York sat down to gamble at a roulette table inside of Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino, and were insulted by two men that thought the girls could not understand that words they were saying.

According to one of the women, they arrived at the roulette table in a great mood, set out to enjoy themselves, gamble a bit and have a good time. However Michele Marigliano from Seaford understood every word. The two young men continuously insulted the group of women, calling them names in the Spanish language, Michele Marigliano however as a former bilingual education teacher, was quite aware, likely insulted, and reportedly humiliated.

The start off with the insults, one of the gentlemen dealers remarked to the others that the girls were dumb, and didn’t know how to play the game of Roulette.

“We were all in a great mood, but as I heard this, I became more and more upset and flustered,” Marigliano said.

The women involved are suing Rafael and Efrain Lnu, the men they say insulted them in Spanish during their visit to Foxwoods Casino. Also named in the lawsuit are the Mashantucket Pequot Indians and Foxwoods Casino. The total amount the women are asking for is $500,000 … per plaintiff. The lawsuit has been filed in the State Supreme Court in Mineola.

There is a catch however, Foxwoods casino is operated by Native American Indians, the Mashantucket Pequot Indian tribe, the casino is also standing physically on tribal land, therefore, the according to the tribe cannot be sued in the convention United States court system.

Leaders of the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Tribe have voiced said that the case should be tried in tribal court. Arnold Kriss of Manhatten lawyer for the humiliated women says he will fight to keep the case outside of tribal courts.

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