Blair Rodman Wins WSOP Event #47 (2007)

Blair Rodman, in his twelfth WSOP final, claimed his first bracelet Sunday in Event #47, $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em. In what became a powerful final, Rodman sprung from the middle of the pack to beat out Amato Galasso for 1st place, taking home the WSOP bracelet and $707,898. The event began as follows:

Seat1 – Mark McKibben $643,000

Seat2 – David Schnettler $267,000

Seat3 – Klein Kim Bach $1,120,000

Seat4 – Joe Pelton $681,000

Seat5 – Blair Rodman $712,000

Seat6 – Steve “Stan” Crawford $1,498,000

Seat7 – Amato Galasso $1,165,000

Seat8 – Anna Wroblewski $1,137,000

Seat9 – Roland de Wolfe $961,000

Crawford quickly eliminated McKibben in the third hand, leaving at 9th place with $42,655. Short-stacked, Schnettler went all-in and fell to Rodman, leaving at 8th with $55,637. Rodman’s sight then set on Joe Pelton, who’s 10-10 dropped under Rodman’s two pair, K’s and 7’s, finishing at 7th with $74,183. Hand 51 saw Wolfe exiting stage left, all-in versus Galasso, ending at 6th place, $98,293. This gave Galasso a strong lead with over 2,000,000 chips.

Crawford, starting as the leader, was the next to fall as Bach took his all-in pot with Ace-high. Crawford finished 5th at $135,384. In the very next hand, Bach made another strong move that eliminated Wroblewski at 4th with $192,876. Bach’s run swiftly ended several hands later, taking 3rd at $289,314.

At hand 73, heads-up play began with Rodman’s stack twice that of Galasso’s – 5,550,000 to 2,600,000. More than 50 hands later, Galasso had taken a strong lead. Another 30 hands passed before Rodman made his final move with two J’s over Galasso’s Ace-high. Galasso finished 2nd with $448,808 while Rodman took the 1st place bracelet and $707,898.

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