Online Poker – Absolute Poker Announces New Bad Beat Jackpot!

Online PokerNot only did Absolute Poker announce their new bad beat jackpot, it’s been won, three times! In order to win the Absolute online poker badbeat jackpot, a poker player must hold quad 8’s or better, and have them beat at one of AP’s bad beat tables.

Sound impossible? Well apparently not, within a week of the new bad beat jackpots unveiling, tens of thousands of dollars have been won! The first winner, had his quad tens beaten by a straight flush, both hands were made on the river.

Now there’s an occasion where one does not complain about being beaten on the river! CGA11 and all of the other players at the table split 70% of the bad beat jackpot which was a very nice $38,000 giving 50% of that 70% ($19,000_ to the badbeat victim (CGA11) and 25% to the winner (NEDKELLY) and the last 25% (of the original 70%) is split to all those around the table!

The remaining 30% of the jackpot.. 20% of this money restarts the next jackpot. and the last 10% (I believe in addition to regular rake) is kept by the house (Absolute Poker).

The jackpot is paid for by Absolute Poker players. Fifty cents is taken from each pot at the bad beat tables in order to build the jackpot, so in essence here, AP is raking the pots, and the jackpot! Seems a bit excessive to me, but I betchya those guy that split the jackpot don’t mind to much.

Some technicalities to note:

  • To identify an Absolute Poker Bad-Beat Jackpot Table, look for the word “Jackpot” written in brackets after the table name, the tables will be in red text in the lobby.
  • The hand must be raked to qualify, and 4 or more players must be dealt in.
  • Quad eights or better must be beat for the jackpot to be paid.
  • Both hole cards must play.
  • There has to be a showdown for the jackpot to be paid.

Collusion is not allowed, the way I read the rules, stating that you have quads, or asking the other person not to fold, would be collusion and would nullify the bad beat jackpot.

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