NBC Poker After Dark Hecklers Week

Poker After Dark Hecklers WeekThe NBC Poker After Dark show will start this week off with Hecklers Week which feature six of the “bad boys” of poker, ok, maybe not bad boys but at least six of the best trash talkers in the game.

The table will include Gavin Smith, Sam Grizzle, Jean-Robert Bellande, Mike Matusow, Shawn “The Sheik” Sheikan and the poker brat himself, Phil Hellmuth. There will not be a lack of conversation in this game and the poker may just take a back seat to the personalities themselves.

Between the talking and the “bleeping” there was poker to be played though and after what seemed like a feeling out period with many times all six players seeing a flop, the first major hand was played about half way through the show.

Mike Matusow raised to $1,100 in the cut off position with 9s 9d and Phil Hellmuth woke up to see KsKc in the small blind and re-raised to $4,000. When it got back around, Matusow went all-in and had Phil covered in chips but was literally beat into the pot by Hellmuth’s call.

When the hands were flipped, it was Sam Grizzle giving his decision first,

“You’re such an idiot, Mike, what the hell is wrong with you.”

“I’m tired of coming here and you get knocked out first bro,” added Shawn Sheikhan

“I threw in way better than Mike played,” added Grizzle.

Let the heckling begin, no one said this would be an easy table. Noticeably upset and muttering to himself, Mike saw a king on the flop and a paired board on the turn to give Hellmuth a full house and Mike $6,000 to continue with.

This week is going to be grueling with all the bash talking, the hyper aggressiveness and oh yea, these guys can play. As evidence the show ended with a 2+ minute argument between Hellmuth and Bellande about showing and hand that Hellmuth bluffed at on the river and Bellande calling for the win. Of course it took all of 2 seconds for the whole table to be involved and eventually the producer stepping in. At the end both players flipped their hand and we will have to wait for the next show to see any lingering effects.

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