Michael Phelps Wins Big At The Poker Table

Michael Phelps cannot stop his winning streak. The retired Olympic swimmer is used to winning in the water and now he continues to win on land. It is no secret that Phelps enjoys the game of poker and he has continued his winning streak at the felt. A recent report stated that Phelps visited Las Vegas for a weekend at the poker tables and ended up leaving Sin City with $100,000 from a single poker game.

Phelps was visiting the Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas when he took down the massive cash and according to TMZ, Phelps then headed over to the Tryst nightclub and blew a large portion of his winnings. This is not the first time Phelps has hit the poker tables and several people who claim to know Phelps, claim the Olympian has a poker problem.

Just recently a friend of Phelps spoke with the National Enquirer anonymously about Phelps and stated that he has a ‘don’t quit until you win’ attitude which worked well in swimming but could be detrimental when it comes to gambling at the poker table. The source went on to state that Phelps has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the poker table and this friend is worried that the swimmer will be hitting the tables even more now that he has retired.

Phelps is currently worth close to $50 million and experts believe that this amount could triple due to future endorsements. If this amount does increase to even more massive proportions, a poker addiction could become a very serious problem. Phelps would be set for life with the amount of cash he is earning but this could change if he does have a gambling problem.

Phelps has spoke freely as to how much he loves to play the game of poker so it will be interesting to see if the pro is just good at the game or if he simply has the cash to keep playing until he wins!

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