John Cynn on Bluffing and Winning

John Cynn is the champion of 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event, and he decided to join the WSOP Europe that takes place at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Just like many other famous poker players, he did not want to miss an opportunity to take part in this amazing championship that has been in the focus of the poker world for the last couple of days.
Cynn was happy to share his thoughts about his poker career and his strategy while paying this card game.

Commenting on the new dynamic, he stated that people were either gunning for you or they were staying away. One of the focus points of Cynn’s interview was his memorable hand which he played in Poker After Dark. The reason why everyone remembers this hand is because he managed to pull off a triple-barrel bluff. Now, a bluff can be easy or difficult to pull off, and the main thing that affects the difficulty is the experience of the opponent. For Cynn, that opponent was Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, which means that you have to be a real master of bluffing to pull it off successfully. However, Cynn is a brave poker player, and he managed to complete his mission and trick The Grinder with his bluff.


After he raised three times with a king-jack under the gun, he got called three times, which meant that Mizrachi was following him closely. The flop showed a six of hearts, a ten of hearts, and a queen of clubs. Cynn continued with the bet, and Mizrachi called once again with his queen-four. This meant that at the moment, only Mizrachi had something, and that was a pair of queens. On the other hand, Cynn had an open-ended straight draw and was waiting either for an ace or for a nine.

Things really picked up when a five came on a turn, which still meant nothing for Cynn while Mizrachi had an advantage with his queen pair. However, Cynn decided to continue raising his bet and Mizrachi called. The pot was pushed up to $16,500 at that moment and it was time for a river to be turned. A seven of diamonds appeared, which meant that nothing changed. However, Cynn was brave once again and he decided to continue with his bluff by pushing out a big bet of $14,700. At that point, everything was too much for The Grinder who decided to fold after all.

Cynn won the hand by pure bluff and even managed to trick the Grinder into thinking that he had something big coming, but that was not the case. He explained that it had been the only option after he saw that he had had nothing. However, he added that he had thought Mizrachi had a pair.
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