Rob Wazwaz Wins $358,346 in Event No.25:$800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstacks

Event No.25:$800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstacks had 4,062 entrants and it recently ended. Rajaee Wazwaz beat all his opponents and won $358,346. Also, he won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

The winner stated that his name is Rob Wazwaz but it was erroneously entered while registering for tournaments using his card. The event’s entrants created a $2,859,648 prize pool and its four finalists were assured of winning at least $100,000 each. The field had been reduced to 240 players on the final day and action lasted from 1:00 p.m. to 02:30 a.m. thus taking more than 13 hours.

The Event’s Final Table Results

1. Rajaee “Rob” Wazwaz from the U.S.-$358,346
2. Robert Crow from the U.S.-$221,399
3. Terence Reid from the U.S.-$166,011
4. Sean Legendre from the U.S.-$125,371
5. Dov Markovich from Canada-$95,363
6. Maxime Duhamel from Canada-$73,064
7. Abhinav Iyer from India-$56,388
8. Sebastien Clot from France-$43,839
9. Liran Betito from Israel-$34,336

Many top players ran deep, including Ryan Phan, Dean Hutchison, Adam Levi, and Melanie Weisner. Fabrizio Petroni hero called against Terence Reid and kicked off the unofficial final table.

Yet, the official table began when Liran Betito busted having the least chips. He lost while running into aces against Rajaee Wazwaz. Sebastien Clot was the next player to leave the event. He went all in with ace-king as Maxime Duhamel’s queen-jack held hence exiting the tournament.

Abhinav Iyer, a bracelet winner, lost the opportunity of getting another bracelet after winning more than $500,000 in the 2019 “The Closer” event. Even so, his elimination was classy as his ace-six failed to hold against five-four.

Duhamel had a huge rail at the table and he left the event after Sean Legendre’s tens beat his pocket fours. Dov Markowich had the biggest stack at that time, but he lost most of it to be at the bottom of the chip standings. Even so, he started collecting more chips and later lost them, hence leaving the event in the fifth position after Wazwaz’s ace-seven defeated his king-queen.

Several remaining players were short-stacked as the heads-up action was fast. Robert Crow had the initial chip lead while hoping to win the cash prize and bracelet. This was his first time competing in a competitive tournament in six years.

So, Crow decided to try his luck in the event by going all-in with king-six. But, Wazwaz’s pocket queens prevented him from achieving his goal.

stacks filled and favored Wazwaz. The day’s final hand appeared after Crow used king high to shove all-in in the river while Wazwaz discovered his plan and disrupted it.

Wazwaz Celebrates His Victory

The champion informed PokerNews that it was his third time reaching a final table and his first one in a long period. In the past, he was inexperienced when he got to other tables and failed to play well after getting deep.

Yet, his run in Event No.25:$800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstacks was pure and it was the purest tournament he has ever played in his life. He praised other finalists claiming that the match was very tough.

Wazwaz believed that his victory would please his wife and he deeply appreciated his rail’s presence. The Minnesota player took the bracelet to his five children and wife.

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