Eliot Hudon Wins $4.1 Million in WPT World Championship

The World Poker Tour (WPT) recently held its largest event in history. Eliot Hudon emerged as the winner after topping a 2,960-entrant field and took home $4,136,000. Still, his name was added to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.

The poker pro admitted after the $10,400 buy-in WPT World Championship at Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas that his daily activities will continue despite winning the life-changing payout. He highly values his friends and might decide to buy another computer besides passing the driver’s license test.

Hudon revealed that he will invest part of his winnings and spend some of them playing live poker tournaments. He believes that money is a tool to help him get more trophies. The Montreal resident’s biggest live poker tournament score before this event was $113,800, which he won after finishing 63rd in the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event.

His latest victory ranks him among the top 25 players in Canada’s all-time money list. Hudon said that he has played poker for three and a half years. He kicked off his career by playing $1 events and won PokerStar’s $5 “Marathon ” one day.

The player continued winning low stake games. But, he gradually increased his stakes and later started playing $1,000 tournaments. Hudon garnered 3,000 Card Player Player of the Year(POY) points besides winning the money and title.

The tournament took place between December 12 and December 20. It featured three starting flights and its huge turnout almost doubled its $15,000,000 guarantee. 370 finalists shared a $29,008,000 prize pool.

The Final Table’s Payouts and POY Points

1. Eliot Hudon-$4,136,000 and 3,000 points
2. Benny Glaser-$2,830,000 and 2,500 points
3. J.C. Moussa-$2,095,000 and 2,000 points
4. Adam Adler-$1,608,000 and 1,500 points
5. Frank Funaro-$1,301,000 and 1,250 points
6. Colton Blomberg-$1,001,050 and 1,000 points

Action at the Table

The finalists set the final table early on December 19 after reducing from 37 players to six in 18 hours of play. Hudon busted Lucas Foster in the seventh position and set the official final table on December 20 at 4:00 p.m.

The table’s two largest stacks clashed in the fourth hand in a huge preflop showdown which changed the leaderboard’s standings.

Benny Glaser, the stack leader used ADiamond SuitJSpade Suit from under the gun to move all-in. Hudon, the second largest stack used KSpade SuitKHeart Suit to make a 76,800,000 all-in call from the hijack and set up a huge pot.

The board turned 10Heart Suit7Club Suit5Spade Suit10Diamond Suit2Heart Suit as Hudon’s big pair held and helped him double to more than 157.6 million.

Glaser’s stack reduced to 72 million chips. Colton Blomberg used ADiamond Suit8Diamond Suit to go all in against Glaser’s JSpade Suit9Heart Suit. The latter called the former’s small blind shove of more than 6 big blinds from a big blind.

Four spades appeared on the board and earned Glaser a winning flush hence busting Blomberg in the sixth position. Hudon picked pocket kings again in the first 14 hands before making a 3,200,000 min-raise on the button.

Frank Funaro used A-10 to three-bet all-in from a small blind for 28,400,000. Yet, Hudon called and got kings full of jacks from the runout. He busted Funaro in fifth place with $2,860,255.

Adam Adler’s run ended in fourth place after his nut flush draw lost to Hudon’s second pair. The former used KClub Suit5Club Suit to defend a big blind from the latter’s button raise who held 10Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit.

J.C. Moussa followed Adler in third place after his A-2 lost a battle of the blinds to Glaser’s pocket queens. His elimination setup heads-up action between Glaser and Hudon.

Hudon used 7Club Suit4Diamond Suit to make a 2,000,000 limp from a small blind. Glaser used QDiamond SuitJSpade Suit to check from a big blind and an 8Heart Suit6Club Suit2Diamond Suit flop turned.

The turn’s 9Diamond Suit improved Hudon and earned him an open-ended draw while Glaser got a high gutshot. The latter checked and the former wagered 8,000,000. Still, Glaser made a 28,000,000 check-raise and Hudon called.

5Club Suit finished Hudon’s nine-high straight and Glaser made a 59,000,000 all-in move as a bluff. He lost to Hudon and took home $2,830,000.

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